Here, have some Round 1

Went to Round One again. Bowled some games with Richard and had a great time. It really put my mind at ease.  hk_dance


My new crane game goals.  :pastel_kira: I will get these, I cross my heart and hope to die. I will get these!!!

Richie’s a left-handed bowler! It looks so odd to watch since he stands so close to the ball shute! hk_:O


Oh lookit, I’m a better bowler.  ;206 Richie won over all though. He managed to get a cold turkey RIGHT at the end of the game. ;257


OH U. YEAH ??????????? :MUKI_pastel:


YES!! seems so enthusiastic for sleeping? :deshou;D:

Goddamn duck lips. I couldn’t make any other face today. Sorry about that. :wan_pastel:


That’s it for Purikura. :<3!:

Will I ever wear something different?! le_sigh

K, also went to Cosmeland and huge fucking disappoint.Not only did I not find the stuff I had been looking at online

This one onsen sweat packet cost me $5.00USD ;148

Kiss my ass, I’m gonna shop at Sasa. (They’re much cheaper there.) ROFLMAO