House Fairies are problematic

This weekend was super relaxing. After a stressful week and getting ready to go into another, it needed to happen.

Before leaving for work on Saturday, I find out Richard had made a nail appointment as a surprise for me.  Since my work place doesn’t ban acrylics, I decided to get a set done along with my pedicure.


Square shape this time. Usually, I get these in squoval or stiletto but I wanted something different. Sure, french tips are super plain but, hey. It feels fresh to death.



Found these guys in my local metaphysics shop. These little buggers are supposed to keep away sneaky little miscreants who wanna make you lose your socks, or keys; or turn off the coffee maker when you swear to God you just turned it on.  They’re so cute, I want one. The bottom pair remind me of Gengar some how but that is probably why I like it so much.