I can’t stop myself from going!

I can’t to stop going to Round One. ;296 ;76 Except this time, it was more of a mini meet than just a regular old trip out there. I got to see all my lovely waifus and friends. ;174


My lovely friends, whom I hope to see again very soon. (Sleepover episode?!) From left to right: Christine, Stiffany, Me, Lizzie. :rabu_pas:

She’s so small and cute!!! snuggly_bear I’m actually bending over a bit just to reach the top of her head! OMG! ;290


My lovely waifu found a lovely husbando who is lovely. dancey_dancey curly_up  They’re just so perfect for each other, ;251 I found myself stalking and creeping them for kissies and huggings and general love-lovey activity. /totally not weird ;146 This pic was a candid shot but it came out so well! It really captured the moment and in my opinion, it’s pretty darned expressive. :arrowup_ribbon:

He’s super nice too, if you remember in my last post, I said I was going to get a giant Korilakkuma doll. If it hadn’t been for him letting me use his card for two extra tries, I never would have gotten it! What a super nice guy! Suddenly, I feel like I need two husbandos and a waifu. Would she mind? ;298 ;215