I couldn’t help it!

I went through the tub I had packed away my beauty supplies and lolita supplies in, and pulled out my Lotta Deer dress. :yayrila: I couldn’t help it!

I got tired of looking plain and simple on my days off, so I fixed it. Now I feel better. ;152

Unfortunately, my contacts wore out and started to hurt my eyes, so I am going au natural for a while. ;42  I’m gonna wait for a Labor day sale or something before I order new ones. I’m still waiting and holding out hope that maybe the Princess Mimi line will get some new colors. (Even though I’ll still probably re-order them in grey.)

The alteration on Lotta deer I made is actually getting a bit big on me now. I’m hoping it’ll get so loose that I can remove that panel I put in. For now, I will wait and see since it’s not that much. When it’s super noticable, then I will do something. :D

  • Your last picture = omigosh love it. You look so pretty! ^^

  • I was gonna say… it DOES look big on you!! Looking great~~!

  • Risse

    Eee it looks a little big on you! You look good! :3 <3