I just cant help myself

Lately, I’ve purchased quite a few things. I do and I don’t have buyer’s regret but mostly, I don’t ;19


It was pretty calm on Monday, Richard and I went out to lunch before work, and then again for a yogurt snack after work. I’m falling in love with Yogurtland. Course, it doesn’t help that they have their Hello Kitty promo this month.   ;08   ;42

Dem nachos. From Burrito Express here in Oxnard. They have the tastiest, freshest Mexican food around. Which is surprising because Oxnard is a greasetrap.  ;27   ;16

Yum. Need I say more? ;115


Tuesday was when it started raining packages. ;87 I received a gift for Richard, and a couple of self-rewards. Though, I’m not sure what for. ;61 ;162

This guy is so freakin’ happy. ;25 I surprised him with a pair of Beats studio br Dr. Dre. Richard cannot stop raving about how amazing they are. I suppose it was worth the money?  ;87

As you can see, he started testing them immediately. ;105 As for what I got today, one item will be pictured later with an item I got on Wednesday.   ;86

Oh lawd, is that my dream purse!? Yep…I finally couldn’t live without it. ;78


This is where it starts getting really awesome. So far, I’ve gotten Maretti Dal, a new Dal doll which features Wonder Party by Angelic Pretty.  It’s one of my AP dream dresses and since I can’t really afford to save up the 350$+ for my dress, I bought her instead. ;62 I also recieved my JapanLA  order, thanks to Mandie who shipped my glorious package to me on a Saturday! Thank you, Mandie! ;58 What’d I get? Why, a Korilakkuma pedometer and Shappo cellphone purse, OF COURSE!

Yessir, that right there, is not a magnet or badge or doodad. It’s a pedometer. ;132  ;30 Frankly, it’s the bee’s knees! ;53 This little dude is gonna help me make sure I reach my 10k steps a day and then some! ;133 He’s in Japanese only though, so if you’re interested in him, please note this.

Taken after I had reset it for the day. He’s actually counted about 7600 steps for me today. ;162

I’ve gone off the deep end. In total, I have 4 plush Shappo dolls that hold stuff and hang off my neck or body. ;164 This little dude is a cellphone pouch/mini cross-body purse. He’s ADORABLE. I can’t stop buying this shiz!

And now, a cat.

LOL, Fenix likes messing up my bed. ;142   ;134