I started a Youtube channel

Yeah. I did. I started a Youtube channel and you can follow me here: Sarabeexo The idea for the name comes from grade school. Because there were two Saras in my class, I was always referred to as Sara B. Hence, why I chose Sarabee. It’s a grounding reminder of where I come from and the things I struggled through to become what I am today; as well as being the ugly duckling and now, a fabu-ugly-duckling. 

The whole point of the channel is for me to basically just give my viewers/readers what I know in a more detailed format and I feel like it is also becoming a more popular way of blogging. While I will not abandon anyone here, I will reserve this blog for more personal posts, lots more daily life photos and less reviews, hauls, etc. Except for my weeb crap.  You guys are stuck with that. Soz not soz.