I’m not skipping; just delaying!

So, instead of posting my roundup this weekend, I skipped. Well, more like delayed. I’ll still be doing it but it won’t be posted until Friday night. I’ve got lots of other little things I’d like to post first. curly_up dancey_dancey

So firstly, King Richard got a second job, full time, at his old job as a patrol driver! This is exciting since it’s hard to even have one job in this economy. We’ll finally be able to save up and move. We’d like to move to Ventura which would be closer to my work cause at the moment, I have a 25 minute commute from the beach to nearly the college! ;39 Eats gas like crazy!

Secondly, I received my KING BLUE circle lenses from PinkyParadise.com. I’ve never ordered circle lenses so I went with a site I had seen others use frequently. The shipping was a bit much since I didn’t wanna wait 7-25 days. ;278 But, I guess you pay for convenience. They came with a cute pink froggy case to store them in. ;80

(Click for large size)

I had to buy a new hair straightener this weekend. My old one took a dump on me. The plates were making an awful smell and were just getting to the point where it wasn’t straightening my hair very well anymore. elephant_down But, it’s ok. I guess I wanted a new straightener anyways. I can’t seem to get them to last beyond one year though! Does anyone have any tips on how to extend the life of them? Let me know!

Let’s see, all I’m waiting on now is my order from Cyperous and my Qutieland order but I’m not expecting that to be done any time soon since QL likes to take their sweet time. hk_wink