Is it too early for another wishlist?

Lately, even thought I recently made two big purchases of a new laptop computer (Alienware. Awwyeah.jpg) and a Juicy Couture laptop bag, I still have things that I feel like I’ll just die without. ;142 Since it’s early in the year we can call this Christmas in July. ;28

Meta has released a new summer print series called, “Fairy Tale“. It’s freakin’ gorgeous. ;135 I can’t even– I want it so hard. The colors are striking and unusual (LOL OH U, META), but it has a heavily classic influced theme. Sweet classic, which seems to be coming into trend for Lolitas. This print is so versitale too, you can tone it down or put it on full blast with OTT. Butterflies, roses, and pearls seem to scream like the best accessories for this dress. Coord with a chiffon blouse and a straw boater. Dream coord? Dream coord. ;53 It’s way too perfect for summer and spring.

I also realize that as late as this bandwagon is, I really have come to admire Juicy Couture products. Especially their purses. A classmate of mine had one since she works in their outlet near my house and it was roomy, and cute. She had more stuff in there than I keep in my car! (books, wallet, keys, phone, papers of various kinds, ipod, etc) It was full of so much stuff, that I feel it’s a worth while investment. I can use it casually or for lolita since the colors are mute and easy to match.

Homan, this backpack is great! It’d be useful for school or international traveling  ;58 (I’m looking at you, Japan.)

This is what I am really lusting after though. It’s so cute and I can’t get over it. ;134

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a Juicy laptop bag. It’s adorable (though I am still waiting for it to arrive) This bag will be my first Juicy product and I can’t wait to experience this craze-inspiring brand myself. ;138 (AMIGIRLYYET?) ;152

For me, the appeal in Juicy is the classy well designed badges and the cute Scotty mascots they frequently feature. The color and the texture of their fabrics are also a huge factor for me. If it were any other velour/terry cloth bag, I’d over look it because it just doesn’t have that signature look. This is a case of brand vs. replicas and as we all know my opinion on the subject, sometimes it really can only be brand; Western or otherwise. ;114 ;39

  • Gotta love Juicy! And that JSK is adorable, major do want. Also jealous of your purchases~