It’s been a while!

I completely lost track of time in January and now it’s February! ;40

Here’s some shots from Jan. to help catch up!

Wearing one of the new dresses I bought last month. Can’t even remember where I am. :???:

About to go out to dinner with Richard. Wearing Lotta deer because I don’t wear it enough. For a dream dress, I sure don’t wear it as much as I thought I would.  ;115

Found these heels in a box while cleaning out my closet. They’re a little more “orange-y” red than Rose toilette but they give the coord such a casual princess feel! ;162

Make up that day. I was in a weird mood I guess.

This photo is from yesterday, however, I’m gonna use it to show you that I’ve dyed my hair. :D

Richard’s auntie really thinks that the light auburn colors make me “more approachable and cuddly” to quote.  ;28 I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback since she suggested I do this color. I was pretty disappointed how it turned out when I first dyed it because I felt like maybe it was going too light. But then when I look at it more, I just see this really interesting depth of color when its styled.

Picked up some new studs. It was a mix-match set from Claire’s to replace the studs I lost last month.

I got tired of my iphone earbuds. ;57 I bought some Solo Beats because the sound is like hearing the universe explode if the explosion were caused by rainbows and amazement. Yeah, I’m not sure how to explain how awesome they are. They’re just that awesome.

  • Christine Ta


    I am loving the RT coord! totally hime, and cute!!! The shoes you have for it are amazing~~~ <3

  • The red-orangey shoes look good with RT and that cardi :3 Love it! And your deer dress…you look so innocent and cute! Baaaah wish I can be with you every month or every day :[ mishu mishu!

  • Tea

    You. look. so. awesome. and. adorable!!
    I love all of your outfits!
    I wish I could have a wardrobe like yours