Just checking in

Things have been going back and forth for me lately, so I just snapped a few pictures of Baron. These are the only ones that turned out so far. I’m really trying to build up a nice collection of glamour shots for him.  He’s been super calm these days and is more likely to sit for a photo. Which makes my life so much easier. 


Oh, his eyes! They are so lovely. They probably are my favorite of his features. That and that he loves to make biscuits and cuddle like all the time. 


Baron booty. 



You know these are mine right, mum?


I was browsing the Kikki.K comm on Facebook and found out there were new Project Life journaling card sets and I hadn’t even realized it.  I rushed over to Michael’s after theory and bought two of the new sets. What bothered me though, is that I called earlier in the day on my lunch break to see if they had it in stock so I can have it put on hold. The sales associate said no [there were none in stock], and hung up. I walk in and they are the first thing I see to my left. I can’t help but be irritated at this Ok, moving on to the positive again~



Both packs are Heidi Swapp! Dreamy core kit and the Gold & Foil value kit.