Lucky strike over and over

I’m not dead, yet! This past month has just been really lucky and busy for me. :fyeah: I finally finished paying for Innocent World’s most rare dress; Lotta deer in brown. ;101 It’s simply amazing; but I managed some how to double my amazing GET. I found and purchases an L sized SACRED NIGHT jsk from Lief in black x gold! Even better, is that I got it for less than $200USD from Australia. (I’m still waiting on it though.) ;105 ;86

Two of my ultimate dream dresses have been obtained and though I am currently running the risk of altering Lotta deer (I’d never sell it anyways), I’m not disappointed with my purchases, what so ever. ;43

It’s just amazing in person. ;162 My bust is currently about 5″ too big for it but it fits my waist unaltered which makes me feel really good. I’m hoping I can loose a few more inches in my bust before I resolve to alter it. It’s a priceless piece and I would rather see if I can do something about myself before I do something about the dress. :korila:

The details of this piece are far more amazing, yet simple than any other piece I’ve seen from IW so far. The simplicity makes it really complex.

Print details!

Close up of Lotta-chan and the little details. ;07

For Sacred Night, it’s on a much more gothic scale as opposed to classic. It came out this year in January and I missed out on the pre-orders due to lack of job. Shortly after, Lief went on an unannounced hiatus; who knows when they will return. Even so, their prints are all relatively exclusive as they only make about 200 of each dress. Finding this one, even though it wasn’t my first color choice was like “LOL ALL THE LUCK FOR ONCE.” ;142

The catalog photos of the ivory are amazing. So, just imagine it in black and gold!

Not quite sure how I am going to coord it though. I’ve never been much of a gold person. ;16 If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’d love to hear them!

And last but certainly not least (for reals. I have more GET on the way for once)

I was able to finally upgrade my phone and early to boot. ;116 I ordered the iPhone 4 and even managed to get it in white. The 4 S is not much different, plus I’m too poor to afford much more than the regular iphone 4. I did order a bunch of cases accessories for it though. ;41

(Can you tell I am Chappeux crazy yet? LOL)

What I really like about the iphone 4, is that the screen is wonderfully clear, the keyboard is responsive and I can text with little to no errors; I can finally use all the apps I’ve been hearing about; and it’s nice to finally have a phone that doesn’t take 5 minutes to load an app. :merr: My old phone was on its last legs and I was concerned it wouldn’t last me until my official upgrade date. This phone actually has switched me from an android user to an iOS user. (But that still doesn’t mean that I like Apple products over all. LOL) ;103

I’m still exploring the phone and learning how to use it since this is my first Apple product. Like earlier, it took a little tech support from my friend to figure out that there’s a mute button on the side and that’s why I couldn’t get my ringtones or anything else to make any noise on the phone. ;67

Have any apps you really like? Leave me a comment! I would love to try it!