Macarons, Marshmellows and more photos

I spent all of last night organizing the stuff (and eating… ;365 ) that I got from the tea party. All of the valentine’s were so sweet and very very cute! Thank you so much, ladies.  ( and to my 1st waifu, I love you so dearly.  :neko_lovely:   Have a post just for you.)

Our beautiful hostess and my waifu. (Congratulations on your new man. :shootstars_pastel: I hope he had fun with us!)

Me, Caitlin and Bunny Dragoon ;186

One of these days, I will go to a meet with this coat and I have a feeling that I am not gonna come home with it. :gan_pastel:

Beautiful and lovely Kuramew! She’s so wonderful. ;27

Is she not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen? She really takes a nice photo and is an excellent photographer herself.

Super cute marshmellows that I got in my valentine’s. These were fruit gel filled!

Cute and delicious macarons that I bought while at Paris in a Cup just after the meetup.