Made my night

Guess what came in the mail??? :party: All the way from Aussieland!!

The detail on the print is just insane. :korila: At the same time, the dress itself is fairly simple which really helps bring your eye back to the intricacy of the panel print. This dress fits me like a dream and didn’t require alteration at all. Which makes me feel awesome. I don’t enjoy having to alter my dresses so the more I lose weight, the less of a heartbreak it will be when I buy dresses that end up not fitting. :

I tried it on, only to end up going out to dinner in it. Sadly, I was completely wiped out from my extern shift at the hospital. Not only was I falling asleep in the car and at my plate, ;40 but I had completely knocked out after eating and didn’t realize that I had a shift to work that evening at my regular job. I had been over 9000% sure that the shift had been Wednesday, but I got a voicemail asking if I was ok from my poor assistant manager. ;57


(Ahyup, Lotta is fully zipped. It fits as an underbust with my tig ol bitties.)

Over the weekend, I decided to do a weird thing. I woke up from a nap and just got ready to go down to L.A. and Round One. Out of the blue. ;18 It was a bit random, even for me. Took Richard to a cool place in the Tokyo Plaza mall called Honda-ya. My lovely wife, Christine, introduced it to me. It was pretty cool, and Richie I think enjoyed it. ;18 The bummer part of it was that I was in such an out of sorts mood that I couldn’t even focus enough to get a UFO prize.