Mail man tried to jack my stuff!

Not really, but I waited for 3 weeks for this little surprise to come and I was starting to believe that maybe, finally, the post office got one over on me. This was sent from Irvine so it should have been here within two days. NOT THREE WEEKS.

In fact, this got to me first and it came from Japan, to a friend and then to me! ACK.


Yay! Btssb mook with pouchette! It’s so freakin’ cute!

Yes, sweet sweet, delicious Fragrant Rose Memories skirt from Btssb was what I was chomping at the bit for.  I will provide a review for it since the print doesn’t seem to be as popular as I thought it would be, and try to highlight some of the finer points on it. I will also be reviewing my Kyary 501 Eye-mazing lashes over the weekend.

  • Christine Ta

    That pouchette is so cute!!! I love the style of that skirt to!

  • omg that pouchette and that skirt are meant to be!!! And I thought that print was popular o_o;

    • Is it popular? I haven’t seen anyone with it yet. Just photos of I think a girl in the UK. D: Not even sure.

      • Chibi

        ooooh! I just see on egl comm sales a lot of btssb rose prints xD