Memorial Day Weekend

My Memorial Day weekend was pretty much ok. It got off to a horrible start, though. ;276  If you hadn’t seen my twitter, I was in a car accident Friday afternoon. Some dumb bimbo wanted to make a left hand turn and as I was going straight through the intersection, she decided it was ok to turn. My Honda Civic is no more. ;166  I have never been more freaked out in my life. All I could do was scream and cry. It was horrible. The lady didn’t even get out of her car to see if I was ok or not! She hit me with a freakin’ $60k SUV and doesn’t see if the little girl in the tiny car is ok!? WTF KIND OF PERSON IS SHE?! ;98

I spent the day Saturday laying in bed trying to recoup from the horrific panic attack and whiplash the accident caused when my Grandmother called and said she found me a replacement car. ;89 We went and looked at a ’98 Pontiac Grand AM SE and it only had 30k miles on it, which makes it pretty much a new car. hk_:O heart_blub It’s clean and was driven by old people and smells like new. Except for a maple syrupy smell that comes from the vents when the heater is on. ;120 Lol wat?

Sunday was pretty awesome. Richie and I took the girls to see The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.  It was epic. It constantly reminded me of Assassin’s Creed but Richie says this is because PoP was developed by the same team who did Assassin’s Creed. (Which also needs to be a feature length movie, btw. GOGOGO) The theatre we went to, despite being the nicer one in my area, is just fucking bullocks. They wanted $8 for  large popcorn and more than $5 for soda. buu_buu  Not ok, IMO. And someone had their cell phone go off several times which almost made me get up and start looking for them because WTF @ rude!

Today, I ended up going to work and sitting outside in my car for about an hour before I finally decided that it was safe to assume that I had no work. I text my boss saying I was leaving and if he turned up later, I could come back if he wanted me to. He text me back about noon saying, “Oh yeah, no work today. It’s Memorial Day.” I kinda had to face-palm. He’s a bit of a workaholic so I can understand the forgetfulness of today being an off day,  but come on! Two hours? ROFLMAO

Richie and I took an impromptu trip to the pier and just relaxed and spent some of the afternoon just walking along the boardwalk there. Took a couple of pics but other than that I just tried to relax today.

Also, for once. I didn’t do my hair in some crazy style. I brushed out the curls I had in it yesterday and it came out looking relatively decent. Normally, my hair frizzes beyond recognition (which would make an afrolita totally possible for me.) but today it behaved. Even in the salty air at the beach. hk_waku