Mid-week shopping.

Finally got paid and I had this strong urge to go shopping. ;321 Totally, acceptable but I have buyer’s regret before I even buy anything. ;39 So to fix this, I bought Richie ASSASSIN’S CREED II. This of course didn’t actually do anything. It made it worse. ;298 But I came home with some new leggings and hair brushes from Claire’s (I accidently broke my old one. Which is ok because it was an ugly orange color anyways.  ;80 )

Went to Forever 21 and tried on some sweaters and a really cute plaid hat but I ended up feeling too guilty so after much debate with Richie, I put it back. I had found a really great Hello Kitty sweater and I wanted it but I felt like handing over 22.50 was a little much despite completely being able to afford it. ;58 Can’t help that I’m cheap when it comes to buying for myself.

So I ended up at Charlotte Russe.

;215 Tee w/grey sleeves $8.99

;215 Floral print gather skirt $19.99
;215 Floral Print stocking (not shown) 14.99
These weren’t cheaper by much I suppose. ;61 Almost the same as the sweater and hat actually. It ended up that the skirt was like $3 shy of the sweater and the tee obviously was from the clearance rack. ;76
Makes for a cute go-out-after-work outfit paired with my new boots so I don’t mind that I overspent even though I didn’t wanna overspend.
You guys all know where I am coming from when you’re young and despite all efforts, you wanna hold onto every dollar you can get. ;356

Not looking forward to work in the morning because Monday was sort of a draining day. Made me lose the enthusiasm I had a week ago a little bit. ;351

P.S.: We put up our Christmas tree! It’s only a two footer, but it’s a living tree (which means plenty of room to grow. ;90 ) and it’s been put in a ghetto bin so that it doesn’t leak water all over the floor when I water it. ;250

And then I also have everything ready to be prepped on Thanksgiving. Hoping it’ll go smoothly since I’m not cooking for my own family. (Who hate my cooking anyhow. ;205 )
Anyways, it’s like 1:30 AM now. ;92 Gonna hop into bed.