moar! because moar!

I feel so much better these days. That head cold really knocked me for a loop. rila_dead It was too bad Richard ended up getting it though. *ga-a-an* He had to work while through being sick (Though it’s more his fault since he refuses to take sick days). ;296

Anyways, lots of stuff has happened since now and then and I have plenty of photos. Let’s see if I can’t spread this out some, huh? :tongue_pastel: Have some new neoprints from when we went to Round 1 this past weekend. :arrowup_ribbon:

I’m really getting into this neoprint craze. I have added almost 4 pages of prints to my little print album since December alone.  dancey_dancey curly_up

And Oh yeah, I finally met Chibi. Omg, she’s so sweet and so cute. Omg. omg. omg. ;362 ;304 We forgot to take photos together but this is ok. We’re gonna meet up for crepes again sometime. HNNGGh can’t wait. ;17