Monday Morning Coffee Feat: KawaiiGoods

Can you introduce yourself to us, please?

My name is Claudia and I own a cute only shop. I’m married and have a 2 year old son. I love fairykei, lolita fashion, and most of all cute things.

How did you get into Lolita and where did it lead you?

I got in to lolita last year. I wore my first outfit on Anime Expo 2010.

What inspires your drive for the fashion?

My inspiration comes mostly from cute things. I take one theme and go with it.


What is your favorite brand and why?

Oh god. I have to say Angelic Pretty. Well, first of all I love all their sweets prints. The dress are so colorful and pretty. The laces are so unique. I love there how they trim their laces.

Where does your unique style come from? What really makes it you?

It usually comes from fairy-Kei. I add pieces that fits my personality and what makes me happy. Mostly my artwork inspired my wardrobe.

What’s the name of your business and where can I find it? My name of my business is KawaiiGoods.Com

What inspires your designs?
My inspiration comes in my dreams. If I have a dream about space I sketch it and from there. Fashion inspires me too. I just go through the trends of music of what’s hot now and make products that relate in certain seasons.

Can you tell us what lead you to design?

about 4 years ago, i saw a cute site. I really don’t remember the name. I notice she would draw cute characters of monkeys, bears and so on. So it lead me to make my own cute characters.


Any advice for loli-newbies or first time loli-oriented business owners?
My advice for loli-newbies is to be yourself. Also, it’s good to have a awesome friends with you when you go to lolita meetups. For business owners my advice is to be patient. Patience is the key to build a perfect business.

  • Claud Mochi

    awww thank you for the review hun. I had answering all your questions.