moon prism power!

I love customizing my phone. From top to bottom, I always wanna make it show a part of me. Even if I am the only one who really looks at it.

This weekend, I decided that I was tired of my theme that looked pretty spooky-cute. It was great for a while, but I wanted to move on to something more involved and maybe more customized. So, after doing some research (more like seeing something from, ironically enough, ifansland, on Tumblr), I came across this theme from ; a Chinese iphone customization community. I’m not 100% sure of the mechanics of the website, but you do have to register to download any of the themes. You also must have a jail-broken iPhone for these to work at all.

My log in screen is adorable, and has custom unlocking sounds.

What I see when I log in.

The theme is very girly, and of course, it’s Sailor Moon themed. ;126 The icons loaded wonderfully upon the initial install, but since the iOS update, some of the icons have trouble loading since they aren’t named correctly to the new code. This was easily fixed in the end, but I spent a few hours looking up how to get it done since there were so many different suggested methods. :korilacry:

ちょう可愛いね。 The dialer is just too adorable. Very cute with Chibi moon and Venus in the number window.

Indicators for sound and ringtone/vibrations!

Music player featuring Mercury! How cute!

Hopefully, I can figure out how to use the community to download/purchase even more cute themes. This theme in particular is a big hit for me and I would recommend the BORA themes to anyone who loves the super cute, flat color style.

  • Super cute! I wish I could find something like that for android!

  • Tytybeanbean

    Can you tell me how to download themes from ifansland? They are just soo adorable!! But I don’t understand chinese(: hope you can help

    • Hi, I used google translate to help figure out how to download from them. :) If google translate doesn’t help, I may do a tutorial on how to get them for those who are still having trouble and can’t figure it out.

      • Tudee

        can you please do a tutorial on how to purchase it please?

      • Lucky Thirteen

        I’ve been using translate, and can’t get past the registration screen- I’m doing something wrong trying to get the registration code. Ugh! Their stuff is too darn cute to not get!!

        • Im putting together a tutorial to navigate this as we speak. Please check later today or tomorrow for the update. Thank you!

  • Elise Gallagher

    i was wondering if you could let us know how you fixed the icons and such. some of the screens (including the music player and dialer) are just not showing up for me.

    • Yes! I am going to include this in my tutorial!

  • zoeechewz

    Are you still going to make a tutorial on how to download this theme? I’m dying for this!!

    • Yes. It is schedules to go up tomorrow at 7:00pm PST. :)