Most wonderful time of the year

I apologize that there was no MMC yesterday. ;97 The interview I had lined up is unfortunately a little busy and was unable to complete her interview on time. Stay tuned for next Monday for a new MMC.  ;134

Christmas is such a magical time of year.  :sukisuki:   The colors, the lights, and the ornaments on the tree are my favorite things. ;122 We decorated the tree and it was just amazing to see it come together. In years past, I haven’t really done Christmas decorations. It was always what Richard’s mother put up or nothing at all (because my family does not celebrate it).  ;16  This year, Richard encouraged us to do our own tree since we’re doing Christmas in two houses this year. ;65

I picked out blues & silvers for our tree! My childhood friend had always had a flocked tree with blues and silvers. The colors always stuck with me and so to me it’s a more “elegant” looking tree as opposed to a multi-colored or tree with lots of reds and greens in them. The colors are more calming and seem more like snow and candlelight. ;167

This is only the start of the presents that have started to arrive. I’m really getting into the spirit this year.  ;135 I’m more comfortable learning how to give things to others and I enjoy making others smile quite a bit. So it’s nice to be able to surprise them with a gift. ;08

Found this thing at Wal*fart. It jingles! ;164