Motorola Droid for Verizon; Review

Last week, my twitter was abuzz with the excitement of getting my very first cellphone plan and a new cellphone. ;372 Although I hate the living daylights out of Verizon, they offer the best coverage for what I need and the best phone for what I want.

I had ordered the phone through the Verizon sign-up on Amazon. Got a great deal on the phone I wanted ($20 whopping bucks!) plus the plan. Not bad, IMO. I got my first bill today which, including my activation fee was only $133 for unlimited data pkg, 500 txts (unlimited within network) and 450 monthly minutes cause I don’t use more than 300 a month or so anyways. So, it’s actually more or less about 100$. A tad pricey, I guess, but CA loves sales tax tacked onto everything. ;58

Anywho, I’m sure you’re wondering what phone I picked (That is unless, you have been seeing the constant ;251 I’ve been giving it via twitter. ????). I picked the Motorola Droid. The largest competitor against the iPhone in almost every way.

The reason why I picked the Droid over the iPhone was not only is the phone unique to my area, it has more of the functions I want that the iPhone just doesn’t offer me. Like the option of a full physical QWERTY keyboard. Which eliminates the higher risk of loss of screen sensitivity that the iPhone users are going to experience as their phones ultimately age. If you want technical aspects of the phone, please visit King Richard’s website here. It details why the phone is technologically more advanced than the iPhone. My review is more based on user-experiences and how well it works for me! ;213

What I like:

  • Full QWERTY keyboard both on and off screen
  • Epically large screen which is on par w/the iPhone except is 2cm bigger not much difference IMO.
  • Beautiful GUI interface that is easily customized and super easy to use.
  • Powerful processing power that allows me to multi-task with little to no slow down even during phone calls. (Take that, AT&T)
  • Awesome applications that are super useful for what I need.
  • 5MP camera which totally smashes the 3MP camera on the iPhone.

What I dislike:

  • The marketplace is very young so I won’t get apps like the Hello Kitty camera app (available for the iPhone) but I can wait. :D
  • The phone is a bit on the heavy side but I sorta like it since I won’t feel like I can snap it in half just by touching it.
  • Sometimes, the tilt display is a little wacky. So it turns to landscape randomly even though I’m looking at it portrait.
  • You only get three areas of “desktop” to put apps and widgets on.
  • Not enough cases, good skins inside or outside the phone which makes deco and complete customization a little daunting.

As a phone I give it a 9/10. I’m happy with it and I wouldn’t trade it for any other phone in the world. It’s a good phone for what I need which is a solidly built phone with the capacity to handle all the tweeting, tumbling, blogging, texting and calling I abuse most of my phones with. I also needed one that would stand up to having the cases deco’d. ROFLMAO

As far as applications go, I’m enjoying Twitdroid, aTumble, WordPress mobile and a few others. I’m still waiting on a better purikura app, slightly better themes and main-party applications like that Hello Kitty camera app. ;362 It sucks to wait, but I can do it. Droid has a lot to compete with market wise versus the iPhone but in my opinion, I still am going to enjoy owning a Droid so much more. hk_excite

The case I deco'd for my Droid

(The case I deco’d over the weekend for my droid.)