My heart in Little Tokyo

My weekend went well. Finally. hk_sighlove These past few weekends have sucked really bad. So, as a treat, Richie took me down to L.A.’s Little Tokyo area. Got to get into Kinokuniya for the much awaited SWEET featuring CHER? black eco bag and ID case. It’s so lovely! I’d have to say that next to the blue bag, this one is a real hit with me! hk_jump

We only went into Nijiya to get some lunch, and then we only went into two stores; Sanrio & Kinokuniya. It was a really short trip for such a  long drive, but I didn’t enjoy it any less. ;76

I ended up getting quite a bit on the tiny budget I had!! I ended up getting a new bag (again) ROFLMAO , my cher bags, a planner from Hello Kitty, and the new Ageha. Which has Momoeri on the front!! ;80 She looks like she’s wearing a super push-up bra. Her boobies are gonna pop out! hk_omg2

GET photos are after the jump. Please take a look! :D

My epic CHER? wall. hk_lovesite

Not looking forward to going into work on Monday. I wish my weekend were longer. hk_byoki But, it’s a new week and hopefully, it’ll turn out as good as this past week has. ;366 I’m really tired, but I’m off to browse WE?IT. Hopefully, not all night. ;367

Here are a few glamour, vanity photos that are left over from today. ;152

Night night!!