My week in photosnaps

My week has been nothing but Christmas. Richard’s family is really into it. We went and bought a tree where his mom forced the tree boy to take a tip by putting it in his Schmoe’s (censored for his protection) vest like some Chip N’ Dales dancer. ;161

I’ve been wrapping so many gifts that I’m actually sick of it and shopping too. (Hell must have frozen over. LOL) I bought more stuff for Richard’s sisters than I originally planned to. I guess I have some residual feelings that maybe I should try harder to get along with his family despite some serious clashing. ;113 They seem appreciative so I suppose it’s ok. ;163

Nabbed a rare item for myself, and then because one of them really likes Pokemon too, I sniped one for her too. These little guys came out when I was a little kid and now they can get as high as $130 in auctions. I sniped hers at $6.25 shipped. ;100 (also, I can post this because neither of of his sisters reads my blog)

BEHOLD! The original pokewalker; The virtual pikachu pet/pedometer!

It’s really hard not to wanna shake this thing to earn watt points. ;103

And then the rest of the week has been just visiting his family, exchanging gifts to put under our respective trees. I took the girls shopping too and bought Boom a whole new ensemble. (photos later)

Not a good angle for Richard but this photo is for his Maataa. ;101

Oh yeah, did I mention I built an entire platform bed in the middle of the night? ;87  ;67

In case I didn’t;
I built an entire platform bed with 6 drawers in the middle of the night/wee hours of the morning