Neutral positive for Bodyline

I got received my Bodyline order today! I’m pretty darned pleased with it too. hk_heart Well, I am and I’m not.

I am because, I don’t care what anyone says, I love the Poor Man’s Sugary Carnival. As I’ve heard it called. Duh, it’s a Camero. The poor man’s Corvette. ROFLMAO

I’m not because Bodyline rleased this dress at $50USD and then the day after they shipped it to me, they reduced it $31USD and therefore, screwed me out of $40 or so total. elephant_down This was a huge bummer because I feel like I got ripped. However, this I think is one of their more high quality dresses. The print is nice and sharp, the colors are crisp and it’s nice and long! It also doesn’t have scratchy lace (or much of it). Them hem lace is nice and soft. It’s not shiny, but the shoulder strap lace probably could stand to be ripped off. It’s not necessary. ;287

I had Richie pull these out of the DHL bag they came in and hang them up to help some of the wrinkles fall out before I got home from work. He said he was pleased with the packaging and it was nice and neat so I’m not worried about that. He’s so fussy when it comes to how things are packed as well, so I take his word. ;215

They’re more beautiful than the site showed and more lovely than the first review on EGL of them described. ;194 I’m thourughly pleased with my purchase as far as “You get what you pay for“. The construction is a tiny bit shoddy but nothing a few re-enforcement stitches couldn’t fix.

As you can see, the lace around the top looks a bit scratchy and as far as I can tell, it is. I don’t really think it belongs there anyway, so at some point, I’m going to take a seam ripper to these and get that stuff off there. Not much shirring as you can see so anyone beyond a 100CM in the bust is going to have a fair hard time squeezing into this one. The bust runs just a tiny bit on the small side, so even I have a little trouble getting zipped up. I ordered TLL and it’s still a bit snug. (Thank you, Boobies.)

The hem lace as I mentioned before is actually quite soft. I’ve got no problems with it at all, though at some point, I still may decide to remove it. ;80

Print detail on the dress! Nice and crispy see? I’ll post a larger pic at the end. ;54

This bow is meant to be pinned as a brooch on the waist but I am going to be using it as a headbow. It looks cute on my head. hk_jump

Took a picture of the yellow one in flash so you could see how vibrant the yellow is. Without it, it looked a little dingy since the light was fading and my lamp isn’t quite bright enough to reach the window.  Flash makes things shiny! ;367

Can’t forget, I bought new socks too! To help coordinate a little better. ;195

Now it’s time for photos wearing! :D Please excuse the face-mark. I didn’t do my make up today and so I look really fuggers. ;362 I’d also like to let you know that the reason I love these dresses so much is that they actually come below my knees!! I prefer this in dresses since I don’t like my knees and they help prevent panty/bloomer shots when it gets windy. ;187

Thanks for reading, you guys! I’ll see you guys next time! I need to come up with like a posting schedule. That way, you can check back more regularly to fresh content. ;76