New Car

Holy crap, this month has brought on a fantastic slew of just….#$%^!. I can’t even describe it.  None of it is really bad, but it’s certainly game-changing for some things!


Acura MDX, 2011, polished metal, chrome finish and weeaboo trash that I didn’t bother waiting to put on. 

Uh, yeah. I bought my first brand new car. (Ok, well not 2016 new, but ssshhhiiiit, it was 99cents. [No it wasn’t] ) That’s Ma sitting in the car. She was my moral support since I did this all by my little lonesome. Even Richard wasn’t there to help me. And, to be fair, I am glad he wasn’t. This was a decision I had to conclude and follow-through on my own. He has his own opinions regarding things like this and it does nothing but confuse me. He was happy to just support me over the phone and answer any questions for me. 

This thing came fully loaded. For starters, this thing has a sun/moon roof. It also has dual climate control in front and 2nd row seats; butt-warmers; leather seats, a drop down TV screen w/ two sets of Panasonic surround sound earphones, 3rd row of seats, all rear seats fold down, Sat-Navigation, and a slew of other stuff that just…set it apart. It also has wood textured trim on the inside which gives it such a luxurious feel. Come to find out, brand spanking new, one of these can run $$$ but since this one is 4 years old w/ 1 owner, it wasn’t so $$$

The car’s name is Kiki (‘s delivery service).