New semester

I’m in the final leg of my LVN journey, which really, to be honest is only the beginning of my nursing journey and so we had 1 week vacation went to Colorado So, between then and now, my beautiful Lief dresses came. They arrived far quicker than any other dress I’ve ordered through them probably because the post knew I was gone Either way, they were the best thing to come home to, second to seeing Richard after 10 days. 



Ugh, the carrot color is just to die for. The catalog photos were beautiful, but the color is just so statement-making in real life. It’s not so vibrant that you think, “Holy fractions, Batman! It’s mathin’ ORANGE” but it’s tame and not tame at the same time. 


Beautiful cream color! I ordered the babushka headkerchiefs to go with both of these. They were a little on the pricey side considering that they literally are just squares of cloth with lace and ties, but I like to get the matching head pieces if I can when ordering new pieces directly. Plus, the bows weren’t up to snuff.

Just before vacation, I, by a stroke of such sheer luck, found a lavender zipper Holy Lantern JSK with accessories (custom-made, not AP). I ordered that sonofabish with the fury of a thousand suns It arrived just after I got home. No wait, this here. 


Cute, custom made bows just for Holy Lantern, but neither I nor the seller knew where they come from.Obviously, they were made with Holy Lantern in mind as the crosses match the ties on the JSK.


Sweet baby gothic Jesus.


Also got this mathin’ lapel pin set.