New Year’s resolutions

I know that I post one of these every year, and I know that I never do them. ;203 I feel like I didn’t do much to improve myself in 2010. This year is going to have to be different. I like slow-paced things and I like relatively little change. 2011 is going to go 200kpmh in the fast lane! I have set aside some goals that I’ve been motivated to set for myself and I’d like to share them with you.

  1. Lose 80lbs in 150 days. (If that chick on MTV’s “I used to be fat” can do it, I can do it too. I’m just giving myself nearly 2 months extra to work on it.)
  2. Vlog my progress/feelings about the weight-loss once a week and record or photograph my weight as shown on the scale every two weeks.
  3. Take more photo documentation of my life.
  4. Blog more frequently, even if it isn’t about anything important.
  5. Finish school with A’s like a BOSS.
  6. Classic lolita or Gyaru GET! shimmy_dance
  7. Buy new circle lenses and more Dolly Wink.
  8. Subscribe for some J-mags since I can’t be going down to L.A. all the time.
  9. Drink more protein shakes! :kick:
  10. Save up for Japan for next New Year’s so I can buy over 9000 lucky packs. ROFLMAO
  11. Move to Ventura, Camarillo or Irvine/Orange??

Wish me luck, because this year I’m gonna dedicate to myself and improving!