Noticed something.

I just noticed that unless you blog about products coming out of Japan, partying, your children or shopping, no one cares about your opinion on anything else that might matter. Things that these people really might be able to relate to.

Odd, how the blogging community has turned into nothing but a bunch of mindless idiots who care more about who just bought a coach bag rather than just feedback on daily life like it used to be. (Because you’re fooling yourself when you think that there aren’t more females than males in the blogging world.)

You also have to have a lot of visuals on the posts or they all pretty much just say TL;DR (Too long; Didn’t read)

OR! You have to spoon feed your readers questions at the end of your blogs because they tend not to have anything to say otherwise. ;98

Really, that’s the only complaint I have against the blogging community.