ootd, contouring and lucky strike!

Went with Richard out for drinks and wings, at Buffalo Wild Wings. Tuesdays, is poor folk day since the wings are only 55cents a piece. ;66 Threw on something simple and hopefully classy. I skipped out on a waist belt since I was still puffy from monthly things. ;76

Coat: Forever21 (Heritage) /* Skirt: Forever21 /* Tank: Forever21 /* Tights: Target /* Accessories: Forever21, Claire’s /* Bag: Juicy Couture

I spent most of my weekend in bed sick, so it was nice to get out.  ;62 While I was in bed though, I spent most of the time I was awake watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I don’t particularly use YouTube as a reliable source to do anything, but some of the tutorials were really good! ;116 IDK, if you can tell, but I tried to contour my cheeks and nose in this OOTD. It was really weird to look at, at first.  I didn’t really follow the contour styles I sometimes see in Ageha and other j-mags, but a friend suggested I try it. I’ll figure out if it suits me as I use it more. ;151

I have some exciting news too. It may or may not involve this dress. :joy:

(Image belongs to Carousel Dreams)