ootd: from Obon to Downtown

Went to Obon last weekend, it was an amazing turn out this year, considering how thin it was last year.

I rushed this outfit right after work to catch the tail end of it, since I couldn’t get the day off. I had forgotten about the festival until 3 days prior. ;41

Later on that week, we wandered around town, a little towards downtown and grocery shopping so I could get more supplies for dinners.

It’s probably not my best, but it is starting to get hotter than hell here and what makes it worse, is that it’s humid, sticky heat. ;24


  • I love your style. You’re so pretty!

  • Your RT coordinate looks so cool and summery~~~ You always look so classy. (:

  • You are very cute! I love your Rose Toilette coord, mature and pretty!
    And I looove food pictures too =o