ootd: Jury duty can be cute too

I had to attend jury duty after three attempts to weasel my way out of it. I kept calling out sick since it was really difficult for me to get the day off and finally, I just asked for today off some weeks ago so that I could just go and be done with it, since taking any more time off could seriously impact the money for rent and moving. Sadly, because I am still on probation, I don’t get jury pay. That’s part of the benefits package, and by the time a trial had ended, I would have received those benefits. But, again, that’s AFTER it had ended.


Anywho, this is what I wore to the jury summons, and it helped me get through the day because I didn’t look nearly as frumpy as I felt! Plus, there was free wifi, albeit slow wifi.

Thankfully, I decided to wear the chiffon blouse instead of the black high-neck. I would have roasted alive here! ;71

Bathroom mirror shot because I don’t do those.

and a bonus of my makeup!

God, I love this wig! It’s so practical!

I’m really not having that bad of a time though. The coffees are only 60 cents a piece. Looks like I am gonna be wired all day since I’ve tracked them at about 60 or 70 kcal a piece. :rilalove2: