ootd: Rabbits + fur

Ever so slowly, my wardrobe is taking on a more classic/natural/dolly-kei look. Neutrals, fur, crochets and toned down wigs and makeup are becoming the highlights of my outfits. Maybe it’s just the season and these things remind me of the cooler weathers of fall-early spring?  :???:

Anyways, here is a full coord with the new cardigan I bought and some boots I had stored away that have suddenly found a place in my closet again. :koriladoki:

Sheesh, I wonder if I put on too much bb cream for this outfit? :nervouslaugh:

High definition boobies fur!! :fyeah:

These boots are actually a little weird. I’ve had them for about three years and off and on throughout they fit and don’t fit. :shock: Not really sure what’s causing it except swelling in my legs from walking around too much before putting them on. ;03 It could just be a sign that it’s time for new boots… ;136