Packing up my life

Right now, I’m living out of boxes because I already started packing. ;136  It’s a little frustrating because I don’t have my make up out, with the exception of my moisturizer. I haven’t had any opportunity to get dressed up. Between the move and work, I haven’t really had time for myself. ;03

Last week’s outfit for going out on the town!

Wearing the wig I picked up at the HELLO! swap meet

I can’t seem to resist getting Coldstone’s whenever I have the opportunity. ;60 I gotta stop this!

The move has been giving me a lot of anxiety, so when this huge thing appeared on my porch and stayed, I was told he was a sign of good luck. I feel a little better knowing that maybe luck will be on our side, haha! I was pretty scared getting too close to him, but he was actually dead. (Or I think he was. He disappeared some time later when Richard accidentally brushed him off.) His colors were so vivid too. I kinda wanted to keep him in a shadow box, but then I don’t have the guts to pick up bugs, dead or alive. ;164