Makeup hobby is best hobby

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have recently noticed a change in the photos that are trending my feed. As I develop my freelancing MUA (makeup artist) skills, I document my looks. Sometimes, I follow other tutorials, just to get a feel for a certain look or to learn new techniques from different points of view and other times, I try to come up with something all on my own even if it doesn’t quite work out. It’s really become one of my favorite hobbies. 


This is not only one of my absolute favorite looks, but it’s also my most popular so far. I received many compliments for this fantasy look which was inspired by Nicole Guerriero on Youtube. Feel free to subscribe to her channel for more makeup tips and routines.


This look I did for Valentine’s Day using matte purples and matte pink from Milani. The look was inspired by LoehyLane on Youtube who had done a similar look back in Autumn. I wanted to do something besides pink, red and gold for V-day as that seemed to be one of the most popular things to do this year. I wasn’t trying to go against the grain, per se, I just am not good at working with glitter looks right now. 


My little Milani collection. These rose blushes are part of a limited edition release. They press a lot of their blushes into rose patterns, but they only release them in certain colors. There is a third, darker blush I am still trying to hunt down from this release. It’s almost always sold out at CVS despite it!! 

Taking care of a garden

Many of you are aware that I actually have a tiny pot garden. I mean tiny. I have a pink to yellow tree rose, a tall grafted Fuchsia that I am struggling to deal with it’s diva behavior as a plant, and a little hydrangea who actually is a true champ. I really had to research how to care for it. These plants actually talk to you. If a hydrangea is thirsty, it will wilt, but within an hour of watering it will perk up. It was an amazing thing to see. 

Now, I’ve had to cut it back and dead head many of the branches which were producing green blossoms, but after I transplanted it into a new pot with better quality soil and some additives, it’s been doing much better. 

Things I’ve been using:

  • Coffee grounds — I take the coffee grounds from our maker and spread it around the base of the plant and water once s a week using the grounds. It helps make the soil acidic, but this doesn’t seem to harm my plant and has actually promoted lots of these new sprouts.
  • Rabbit puffs — Since I have a bunny, the best fertilizer comes free. Bunny poop is by far the best fertilizer you could ever get from a pet. (Do not use feces from your cat or dog. It does not break down the same way) I spread this in the pot once a week when I clean her cage. I, of course, separate the pellets from the litter since I use pine pellet litter in her pan.


My next plan of action is to add some aluminum into the soil as different metals in the soil actually affect the color of the blooms I am going to get, except in the case of a pure white hydrangea which will never change colors. Some older whites may get red blooms, but I have a multi-colored mop head breed and so I can actually help influence what color my little buddies are going to be. It’s fantastic! 

Figure haul post #1

Amiami is a death trap. Financially. My poor wallet is looking at massive hits this year due to some undeniably irresistible figures.

These are my January preorders. It was only two this time as I wasn’t too interested in anything else except for Super Sonico Yukata version (Explaination below)

Nendroid; Homucifer -- Akemi Homura

First, Akuma Akemi Homura.  If any of you follow the Madoka fandom, she is commonly (and lovingly) called Homucifer, the counter part to Godoka or Madokami (Or you know, plain old Madoka) She came with two item hands, so I felt like getting a religious scales theme going by having them both on at the same time. She comes with two faces (not shown) and it is like I will change to the more benign face. 

Homucifer - Akemi Homura


Her legs are also interchangeable and can both sit or stand. I like the sitting pose the best.

Homucifer - Akemi Homura - Grief seed closeup

Details of the crown grief seed/soul gem.

Homucifer - Akemi Homura - Kyubey closeup

Close up of Kyubey.

In all, I really love this figure. Probably because she is jointed and pose-able. The only thing I have about nendroids is that these buggers sell out fast in pre-order.

On to Fuuri Watanuki! She is the drummer from Super Sonico [Nitro+] and is pretty much my next favorite after Sonico and Pachacho. This particular figure comes from a spring yukata set and the only reason why I did not buy Sonico from this set is because Richard already preordered her and received her earlier this month.  Such is the life of living with a collector living with another collector. 

Fuuri Watanuki - Top off - Yukata version

To be fair, she has great plot. 

All the figures from this series are top-off versions, which means their clothes are removable and can be displayed mostly naked. (panties are an appeal point, so most characters have these sculpted and painted on permanently. 

Fuuri Watanuki - Yukata version

And because I am a giant food junky aside a boob junky, you can see the insane takoyaki details. Plus plot. Great plot.  I think the only thing I really hated about this figure was that the chopsticks in the yakisoba were LOOSE which is a huge hazard for getting lost or even broken.  I got lucky a few times putting them in the soba (which can be tricky) cause I dropped them onto beige carpet.

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