Cherry bon bon

Last week we made a trip down to LA. It has been such a long time since I had gone for self-enjoyment rather than an event. ( not that I don’t love seeing all you beautiful ladies!! )

I ended up just getting a few things that were on my list of things I wanted to try. One of which was a complete surprise. I found a set of 501 eye-mazing lashes produced by Kyary. They’re effing adorable and have a wonderful dolly effect with my makeup.

Picked up the Love Chou Chou cheek powder to try andI love it to bits. I’m not sure if I wanna go ahead and use it more, or if I wanna finish my Tarina Tarantino stuff first. ;137

Yeah,  I couldn’t resist. ;119 Ageha rarely puts out goodies, and to see a Liz Lisa freebie made me drool. I was going to pick up a few more mags, but I can never bring myself to spend any more money.

I seem to have gotten really frugal in my age…? ;104

On a more random note, I decided to try a cute way of making eggs for Richard’s breakfast last week. I saw a picture of this online and thought I’d give it a shot. It turned out nicely and the bell pepper is a nice touch to otherwise mild eggs.

ootd: from Obon to Downtown

Went to Obon last weekend, it was an amazing turn out this year, considering how thin it was last year.

I rushed this outfit right after work to catch the tail end of it, since I couldn’t get the day off. I had forgotten about the festival until 3 days prior. ;41

Later on that week, we wandered around town, a little towards downtown and grocery shopping so I could get more supplies for dinners.

It’s probably not my best, but it is starting to get hotter than hell here and what makes it worse, is that it’s humid, sticky heat. ;24


Blood has been spilled this night

Doesn’t it feel like someone got killed in a super dramatic way, when you see the clouds this dark a pink/almost red? ;64 Game of Thrones style!

Ok so blood didn’t get spilled, but I made cupcakes for the office managers at the apartment.

I hope they liked them! I keep getting the feeling maybe the tops were dried out a bit? Not sure, it could be me. ;20

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