Blood has been spilled this night

Doesn’t it feel like someone got killed in a super dramatic way, when you see the clouds this dark a pink/almost red? ;64 Game of Thrones style!

Ok so blood didn’t get spilled, but I made cupcakes for the office managers at the apartment.

I hope they liked them! I keep getting the feeling maybe the tops were dried out a bit? Not sure, it could be me. ;20

Kewpie Mayo!

Made yakisoba for the first time myself, yesterday. Richard loves when I cook japanese food, so I have to get into the swing of making it again.

I decided the soba would make a cheap filling lunch since all I had to buy was mayo and yakisoba sauce. The mayo was a little expensive, but I love Kewpie Mayonnaise so it was worth the price to me, as it is not an item you find around my area easily.

My final product, filled with carrots, cabbage, onions and chicken.

Final presentation for eating! Mayo and chives on top! Delicious!

All settled in

In three days, Richard and I finished packing, moved, and then unpacked completely. I really pushed for organization since the move itself was already very disturbing for me. I’m happy we are finally moved in though. I just gotta get used to being out of Ma’s house again, and now even being without other people around again. Hnngh.

These guys help make the table feel less empty.

Oops, I forgot Richard didn’t have pajamas on. He’s wearing boxers though.

Sexy pillow will never go away…

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