I couldn’t help it!

I went through the tub I had packed away my beauty supplies and lolita supplies in, and pulled out my Lotta Deer dress. :yayrila: I couldn’t help it!

I got tired of looking plain and simple on my days off, so I fixed it. Now I feel better. ;152

Unfortunately, my contacts wore out and started to hurt my eyes, so I am going au natural for a while. ;42  I’m gonna wait for a Labor day sale or something before I order new ones. I’m still waiting and holding out hope that maybe the Princess Mimi line will get some new colors. (Even though I’ll still probably re-order them in grey.)

The alteration on Lotta deer I made is actually getting a bit big on me now. I’m hoping it’ll get so loose that I can remove that panel I put in. For now, I will wait and see since it’s not that much. When it’s super noticable, then I will do something. :D

Upcycling is good for you

Some time ago, I got my hands on a really old wing back chair that had been sitting in storage for a long time. It was ugly, with green granny fabric and was pretty dirty looking.  I stashed it in the garage thinking that I would use it for when I moved out but wasn’t sure how I would go about reupholstering it.

I remembered seeing a blog on Yvestown about how a using a slipcover can give dingy furniture a new face. So, I searched around and bought two facelifts for my chair! ;64

Spent some time on my day off shampooing the whole thing, and it still looks pretty dingy.

Received my slip covers last night and decided to try one on for size!

It’s a bit big because the measurements really maxed out so it can fit small chairs and large chairs.  I also need to iron it, since this was a shot taken right out of the package. Still, the chair looks new again.  ;121 I’m going to have Richard sand down the legs and refinish them because they are sorely scraped up. Other than that, I’m pretty darn pleased with the way it looks.

Packing up my life

Right now, I’m living out of boxes because I already started packing. ;136  It’s a little frustrating because I don’t have my make up out, with the exception of my moisturizer. I haven’t had any opportunity to get dressed up. Between the move and work, I haven’t really had time for myself. ;03

Last week’s outfit for going out on the town!

Wearing the wig I picked up at the HELLO! swap meet

I can’t seem to resist getting Coldstone’s whenever I have the opportunity. ;60 I gotta stop this!

The move has been giving me a lot of anxiety, so when this huge thing appeared on my porch and stayed, I was told he was a sign of good luck. I feel a little better knowing that maybe luck will be on our side, haha! I was pretty scared getting too close to him, but he was actually dead. (Or I think he was. He disappeared some time later when Richard accidentally brushed him off.) His colors were so vivid too. I kinda wanted to keep him in a shadow box, but then I don’t have the guts to pick up bugs, dead or alive. ;164

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