Replica Review: Oo Jia Saint Mephisto Cathedral

Brand: Replica of Alice and the Pirates

Print Name: Saint Mephisto’s Cathedral

Col­or­ways: Black, Iris, Ivory, Pink

Retail Price: Esti­mated $250-$350USD (Non-inclusive)

Rar­ity: (Of the orig­i­nal) Mod­er­ately Rare

Repli­ca­tor: Oo Jia

Price of Replica: $104.50 USD (inclu­sive of ship­ping)

Over­all Score: 4.5/5


The purchase of this dress was shortly after Oo Jia featured her Iris colorway of Saint Mephisto. I didn’t particularly like it since it seemed a bit “muddy”, if you will. The color seemed off from the photos, so I settled for the black as it looked pretty close in terms of print quality to the brand. It was purchased April 6th, and I received it May 1st.

The print features actually, minor details that are designed to make you look all over. It’s decorated with little white crosses in the pattern and the border print features religious scripts, crosses and a few (of course) cathedrals outlined by roses. It’s very visually appealing and I have already received many comments on it.

The dress is actually quite beautiful for a replica. The details are beautiful, but there are a couple of things that set this off from the original, which we will get to in a bit. It came out of package with just a head bow this time. I was expecting socks again, but I also didn’t ask for them like I did with Midsummer Night. ;81 So that was probably my fault.

Beautiful, clear print. The fabric, again, not textured as AATP uses, but that’s one of the details that lets you know this is a replica. ;01

No lace on the hem. The original uses a beautiful, almost hand-tatted looking lace lace that’s very soft to the touch. Oo Jia used grosgrain ribbon in place of the lace. It’s a nice touch but it takes away a little bit of the flare of the bottom. I’m going to see about finding some black chiffon trimming to put around the bottom just to give it a little something extra.

Beautiful stitch work. It’s a lot cleaner than Midsummer night’s dream. There were some crooked seams on the inside of Midsummer, but these are pretty straight and very well put together.

Oo Jia used beautiful venetian lace being used in the bust details. It’s not quite like the lace on the original but this lace is quite the eye-catcher. Very soft to the touch and just beautiful. I kind of wish she had hemmed it with this lace but venetian laces cost a bit more. I remember paying $13.50 a yard on some gorgeous venetian lace I found at a fabric shop. Spensive, but damn does it look good on a garment.  ;91

The dress is a dream fit. Last time, the bust was a bit tight, but for some reason, this dress fits quite a bit better.  I ordered with the same measurements. Maybe it was a fluke, but it’s ok. I’m not bothered by it so much.

Eh, I thew the hair and make up together on a quick whim. It doesn’t really suit the look as well as I would like, but it would really suit hime-lolita or maybe gyaru.  :fyeah:

Application Review: SimpleWeight

Application: SimpleWeight

Publisher: Takayoshi Kurachi (Awaresoft)

Price: Free

Marketplaces: iTunes (Japan, USA, etc)

Compatible: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

Overall rating: 3.00/5.00


I have been hanging on to this app for a little while now. I have several methods of tracking my weight and what I consume, but the cutest, and by far the most simple, is a tracker that I found on iTunes Japan while perusing around. (It’s available on the US iTunes market as well) It’s called Simple Weight. Boy, it’s simple too.

The idea behind this application is that you simply track your weight from day to day, with a goal of seeing an over all loss by the end of a week, month or whatever you’re trying to set a goal for. You don’t track your calories, you just keep an eye on the scale. Which for some people, works really well. It allows them to judge what they are that day (or the day before if you weigh in the mornings like I do) that may have lead to a lose or gain on that log.

The application has a beautiful wood theme that you can change. It takes into account your height, age and BMI as well. The calculation input prompts you as soon as you log in so you can’t even try to forget to log your weight for the day. ;37

Seeing your weight displayed in Days, Weeks, and Months allows you to see what your progress looks like on a sliding graph. It really paints a picture about how your weight fluctuates naturally and when you have gains or significant losses. Which I think is something that is important not only to weight loss, but to learning how your body works for yourself. ;12

Mini notes or journals that can be shared among your social feeds are also small contributors to keeping yourself focused and on track with such a simple application. It records how you feel that day which is a huge deciding factor in most weight loss. Too many times, we will over eat, feel guilty and not want to track it. With a rating system for the way you went about your diet and exercise, you feel less like of a sloth/glutton and you’ll probably track it more. Not everyone likes seeing what they ate from day to day and posting it for all to see. It’s tedious to others. This is a happy medium, if you ask me. You can put what you ate, or you can rate it and skip it.  ;126

Over all, this app has been one of the cornerstones to my weight loss journey. I track as often as I can, and I’ve started to recognize patterns in my weight plateaus, gains and losses. This is going to help me, and it’s also going to help my health care provider during visits in a visual way. Maintaining a weight history with your physician is a good idea so he can monitor that you are staying healthy! Having such a convenient app will make this much easier!



San-x haul

Everyone does one last bit of shopping before a big spending freeze, right?  :fyeah: Well, since we are saving up for something big in August, we have to put a spending freeze on everything except for bills. Everything has to go into savings.

That’s gonna be hard for me because I typically never have to save more then 2-3 pay periods for anything. ;81 Oh, well. Time to be an adult.  ;67

As a result, I got a few things on my last available weekend down in LA. Mostly collectibles, but I got some make up/bath stuff too since I won’t have the money to make another trip down there for another 6 months at least.

Actually, the 3D case, I bought a couple of weeks back. The front sticker/protector was what I purchased today. It’s actually sitting on top of one of those ZaGG (or whatever) protectors, so I actually have two skins on my iphone.  :www: Mostly, this is because I’m paranoid about my screen getting cracked or scratched. Thankfully, it hasn’t affected the sensitivity of my screen, so I can carry on like a weirdo. ;105

Mobile phone/card case because Richard says I lose my phone too often. “You lose it in your hand.” He even thinks that I’d lose it in the case while it’s sitting around my neck. ;57

Phone stand! I wanted to buy a cradle, but when I saw this thing, I jumped for it.

You can see how grossly large my san-x collection is getting in the background.  :hipster:

Found a Swimmer bambi headband/earmuff at Q-Pop! Amazing find, considering that these have been sold out for like 5 months.

My largest purchase of the day. Literally and financially. ;57  ;126 A giant korilakkuma pullow. It takes up nearly the whole width of my bed. I’m not really sure if I want to take it out of the packaging because I’d hate for it to get schmutzy. Maybe I’ll just pull a granny move and keep the plastic on the pillow.  :dancey:

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