ootd: Rabbits + fur

Ever so slowly, my wardrobe is taking on a more classic/natural/dolly-kei look. Neutrals, fur, crochets and toned down wigs and makeup are becoming the highlights of my outfits. Maybe it’s just the season and these things remind me of the cooler weathers of fall-early spring?  :???:

Anyways, here is a full coord with the new cardigan I bought and some boots I had stored away that have suddenly found a place in my closet again. :koriladoki:

Sheesh, I wonder if I put on too much bb cream for this outfit? :nervouslaugh:

High definition boobies fur!! :fyeah:

These boots are actually a little weird. I’ve had them for about three years and off and on throughout they fit and don’t fit. :shock: Not really sure what’s causing it except swelling in my legs from walking around too much before putting them on. ;03 It could just be a sign that it’s time for new boots… ;136

Halloween outfit + winter gets

Now that Halloween is over, I’ve already started looking for gifts for Richard. ;163 This season is supposed to be relaxing but it’s very much up and go.  :headless: Didn’t go trick-or-treating this year, but here’s what I wore.

/* Dress: Lief; Sacred Night /* Blouse: Fanplusfriend /* Wig: GLW /* Boots: Bordello /* Bracelets & Armor Ring: Forever 21 /* Cross Pendant: Icing /* Corsage: H&M

We went to Wood Ranch for dinner that night and wandered around the mall for a while. I was hoping to find some bargains since the season is changing but nothing caught my eye. Okay, I was just kidding. I had found a sweater at the F21 near my work that didn’t come in my size; I found it at the Ventura mall in my size!! :tomolove: I convinced Richard it was something my closet couldn’t be without. We also ended up finding a my little pony Brony shirt with Rainbow Dash on the front. :yayrila: Best shirt ever and I am not really a fan of tees since many of them have an unflattering cut for me.

with detachable fur collar! The fur had a nice color and texture to it. That’s pretty much the only reason why I wanted it.

I have never wanted a shirt more than this one. Not even the vintage sailor moon shirts compared. ;170 ;170


Trying on the sweater at Forever21. The sweater actually fit really nicely with lots of room in the waist. Which reminds me, I’ve lost a total of 8lbs this past month. My goal for November is to make it 14lbs. :joy:

I’m going to play more Alice: Madness Returns now.

Gal-oween 2011 + Some get!

Last night was awesome. I was invited to attend the Royal T/Gal-oween down in Culver City. Closest event to my house, ever. :party: I had no excuse to miss it.  I was a little intimidated by what to wear.  ;41 In the end, I went with something Gal inspired, instead of trying to come up with a costume or coping out with lolita.  ;163

Stopped in at JapanLA to pick up the last Sentimental Circus case for the iphone 4. Bwuahaha. I have both styles now. ;146 I want that giant Rilakkuma in the window! ;90

Went to Korean BBQ for dinner. Finally got to try the marinated squid. Turns out I only like the tentacles. The fins are too tough for me to enjoy so I made Richard eat them all. ;89 Ended up sticking to bulgolgi and beef brisket. ;39

Obligatory bathroom shot.

Ashley was derping so I covered her face for her sake. ;67 Next to her is Mandie from GeekyGlamorous who looked just fantabulous! Everyone was wearing kigus except for me. I loaned mine out to Chibi for Haloween or something.

Isn’t she amazing!?

The shop girls from ShibuyaLA. They were selling W ;59 C stuff! It was cash only though and all I had was a credit card. ;57 Next time…for sure!! ;164

I didn’t get very many photos. Richard got loads more but I can’t figure out how to get them off his Bionic. ;32 Oh well, they will end up on Facebook.

And today! My Gameboy case for the iphone 4 came today! I thought it was gonna be a jelly case. It was a hard case and only cost me $5.00! ;147 These are the cases I have now.

The gameboy case really brings me back to the long car rides to and from LA as a little girl. ;134 It also makes me a feel a little old. ;161

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