ootd: Bobs + Ruffles

Today I decided to explore things I could do with my wigs. This particular wig is a GLW I got from a swap meet back in June or July. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t happy with the quality. This wig frizzes worse than my real hair at the ends. I don’t want to cut them so I decided to turn them under and make a bob wig! :yayrila:

I also had seen this blouse being worn at PMX by a local lolita. I’ve had the blouse sitting in my closet mostly for work because I figured the color was too mute/off kilter for lolita. I was wrong. :huzzah:


Monday Morning Coffee; feat. Imperfect Kawaii!

Tell us who you are:
I am Shorty Hoshino, also known under the alias of Chibi. I’m a full time nursing student, friend, daughter, girlfriend, and a part time crafter and Lolita fashionista. ;134

How did you get into Lolita and where did it lead you?
I’ve always liked Lolita during high school, but never thought about dressing up myself. I thought those dresses were only obtainable in Japan. ;68 And of course, no money, no drive to really own one, so I liked the fashion from afar on and off. Later on after some time in college, I grew fond of the Hime-Gyaru fashion and started pampering myself with aesthetic clothing of a princess feel. Even though I loved the fashion, I felt something was still missing inside of me. My sister shop from long ago had her shop reviewed by the blogger Happiimilk/Sarah, and I just kept on reading her blog. Seeing how she was starting off Lolita, it was pretty interesting and intrigued me to stick to her blog. I have already known about the drama about some lolitas being against many weird things (i.e. weight, skin color, etc), but seeing Sarah’s blog gave a spark to my life and into the frills I have been meaning to express myself in. Ever since I actively dressed in Lolita fashion, I’ve become happier and confident in whatever I’m wearing.  :prince:   ;126

What inspires your drive for the fashion?
Sarah was the start, heehee. What inspires my drive for the fashion is seeing other lolitas having love for the fashion, regardless if they’re wearing brand, replica, offbrand, vintage, or handmade. It makes me very happy seeing ladies and gentlemen enjoying the fashion and sharing their coords with each other. I’ve met many great lolitas at meets and as customers, and they make me love the fashion even more.


What is your favorite brand and why?
My favorite brand would have to be Angelic Pretty. I cannot leave the cuteness! ;43 If you know me personally, I cannot quiet down when I’m at a  Japanese cutesy gift store nor Sanrio; I love the soft colors and their princess motto.  ;59 I also like looking at other brands as they have really awesome varieties! But, I must give BIG kudos to those who handmade their dresses and still pull off a beautiful coordination and silhouette. I have great admiration for those lolitas *salutes*

What’s the name of your business?
My business is called “Imperfect Kawaii” , and on Etsy known as PrincessChibi. It is a two person operated business (the other person is Spazzy, my boyfriend and helper ;05 ). We are an underground small business and we cater handmade charms, accessories, decoden phones and gadgets, and always welcoming any commissions to our best attempts ^_^ Many of our items are one of a kind~


What inspires your designs?
The customers~ For charms and decoden customs, I let the customer tell me their ideas and we work together to create something amazing, though with my skills it can come out imperfect. When I have free time, I like to make charms of whatever is on my mind, what I’m feeling, or craving, no matter how crazy it is or will look! What makes me push myself a little more to try to perfect a custom order, is the fact that most of my customers are requesting to give as a gift to someone else~ I love the share and care of others :] There’s so many times that there have been customers that have melt my heart.


Can you tell us what lead you to design?
My best friends from high school♥ In 2009, Valentine’s Day was coming up and majority of my best friends were single ;40 ;16 I wanted them to know they are loved as well, so I kept thinking of how to show it and have them know that forever. That time I was into Kingdom Hearts and I decided to make paopu cell phone charms! I was not the first to do this (I looked at DeviantArt before hand), but I thought it was a good idea, and I’ve added a little something else to make it different. I distribute them to my friends and they loved it and told me I should make more and other stuff! I’ve sold the left over paopus since I made quite a lot and local customers encouraged me to create more clay items and start a small business. Because of their faith in me, Imperfect Kawaii was only for locals and then grew to become an online shop. As days go by, we get amazing customers and tend to bond with them ^_^ and that keeps us going as well♥


Any advice for loli-newbies or first time loli-oriented business owners?
For loli-newbies, read Sarah’s blog. It will guide you well enough as it has for me ^_^ loli-oriented business owners, be patient! It can be a rough start, but you’ll get there~ Just put you and your shop out there and customers who love your work will come. ;149

There you have it, ladies. Chibi is a dear friend of mine and volunteered to be interviewed as a local business owner in Southern California. This post was unsponsored and these opinions are entirely her own. Please feel free to click the links to her shop and purchase any of her super cute goods!

ootd: Rabbits + fur

Ever so slowly, my wardrobe is taking on a more classic/natural/dolly-kei look. Neutrals, fur, crochets and toned down wigs and makeup are becoming the highlights of my outfits. Maybe it’s just the season and these things remind me of the cooler weathers of fall-early spring?  :???:

Anyways, here is a full coord with the new cardigan I bought and some boots I had stored away that have suddenly found a place in my closet again. :koriladoki:

Sheesh, I wonder if I put on too much bb cream for this outfit? :nervouslaugh:

High definition boobies fur!! :fyeah:

These boots are actually a little weird. I’ve had them for about three years and off and on throughout they fit and don’t fit. :shock: Not really sure what’s causing it except swelling in my legs from walking around too much before putting them on. ;03 It could just be a sign that it’s time for new boots… ;136

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