3o day Lolita challenge: Day 2

Day two of the 30 day challenge!

Things you love in lolita

;133 The community; While the online community can be a bit varied and sometimes not worthwhile, my local Southern California community is just perfect. I have made so many new friends and had so many wonderful experiences that I otherwise would not have. The girls are all amazing, and I hope I can be apart of this forever.

;133 Prints; Prints, prints, prints! I freakin’ love prints! I’m pretty much over most sweet prints, but a lot of the classic or classic themed prints always cause me to ache for more. Innocent World, Baby and AaTP always stay on top of the list as far as my print wishlist.

;133 Versatility; Lolita is wonderful in the sense that I can take as much or as little away from it as I want or need to. I can even take Lolita and use it for more day-to-day things like work and school.

;133 Accessories; If there’s one thing I love more than the dresses, it’s the accessories. I don’t typically buy brand accessories, but I do go out of my way to find stuff at Forever21, H&M, Urban Outfitters and so on for the perfect matching accessories that will set apart my outfits from the rest. I have more accessories and purses for coordination than I know what to really do with!!

;133 Shoes; The shoes for lolita are amazing! I do use regular shoes from say, Forever21 to help make my coords more unique, but a lot of brand shoes are just amazing! They tend to be “fat-toed” which makes the foot look really short and round. Petite, if you will. I love that look. It really sets off the lolita aesthetic of looking like a doll.

;133 The fit; When I say the fit, I mean the cut of many of the dresses. A lot of the cuts are extremely flattering for someone who has a pear-shaped body (*cough*me*cough*) I’ve had people say that I look nearly 15lbs light in lolita than I do in regular clothes. A lot of my weight is on my hips, and so hiding it with a petticoat, draws more attention to the fact that my waist is rather well sized (34″) and I’m not really as fat as my hips make me seem.

;133 Inspiration; Lolita is a fashion that inspires so many people. It inspires art, decor and lots of other things. For me, it really inspires the way I carry myself, the way I decorate and now, the way I draw. I used to attempt to draw full figured, sexy women. Now I draw flowy, dainty looking Lolitas in a style different from the typical lolita art. (Typical, being the kind you see most often: Chibi, brightly colored flat colorings, no depth, and supercutexmegacute style.)

;133 Hairstyle; Now more often than not, I tend to go for a more gyaru look with my hair. I don’t often wear my natural hair with lolita, and I tend to pick big, curly roma or age style wigs. However, I have learned more about hair care and hair styling in lolita than I ever have any where else.

;133 Personal Appearance; Lolita is a fashion where you cannot get away with looking frumpy. It’s a highly dedicated fashion and many girls take this seriously or even sometimes to an extreme. Make up in Lolita is either soft and natural or colorful, bright and over the top. (Or in my case, gyaru influenced) It’s not flippant though; many girls carry large makeup cases full of makeup to make sure they look photo-ready at all times. Powdered noses, perfectly curled lashes, and glowing blushed cheeks are all apart of maintaining the aura of looking like a doll.  I am more confident in my looks now than I ever have been before. Before lolita, foundation was science juice. Now, it’s a staple in my daily routine.

;133 Beauty;  Lolita seems to be a fashion that attracts some of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. I ‘ship so many girls that it’s not even funny. What’s even better is that these girls aren’t famous. They’re everyday, girl-next-doors, the girl you see at school or work types. They’re realistic and down to earth as far as material to idolize. They’re not super special or sometimes not even highly paid, but they’re all the more beautiful for being someone on the same playing field as the rest of us.

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30 day Lolita challenge: Day 1

I said I would participate in Serepuff’s 30 day challenge a long time ago. Maybe, almost two months ago! Now that I am bored enough, I feel like I’m finally ready to do it. ;140


Day one: 10 things about your Lolita bubble

Except that I’m not really sure what a bubble is, I’ll list what I think.

;135 I have incorporated the fashion into much of my daily life and activites. Such as my choices in decor and even casual clothing

;135 I always shop with lolita in mind. I tend not to wear casual clothes as much any more except to work, but I’m always looking for pieces that I can use both ways.

;135 I reblog as much lolita stuff I can find on my feed.

;135 I no longer am bothered that my hair is poofy and curly because it can easily be incorporated in a “classic curl” look or even a “fro-y OTT” look.

;135 Lolita has made me more self-aware when it comes to how I dress. I now plan outfits accordingly and make sure that I don’t wear anything tacky, garish or “people of walmart” worthy

;135 I browse the sales comm more than I lurk on facebook.

;135 I have been more encouraged to change my weight not only for the fashion, but for me in the long run.

;135 I have been encouraged to try new things, like tea houses, learning the violin, sewing, and general crafting that I would otherwise not do.

;135 I appreciate my own skin now, more than I ever have, and I put a ton of effort into looking meticulous. Especially with my hair and makeup.

;135 Tea parties, nuff said.

Even though this is only the first post, I can already tell that this meme really has you think critically about the way Lolita has affected your life and sometimes, those around you.  I know that Richard feels like when I am in lolita, he has the prettiest girlfriend in the world and that he’s walking around with royalty on his arm. In a way, it’s like being his trophy, but considering the fact that this poor guy didn’t ever think he’d have a girlfriend let alone “a girl like me”, it’s really endearing. ;42

Is it too early for another wishlist?

Lately, even thought I recently made two big purchases of a new laptop computer (Alienware. Awwyeah.jpg) and a Juicy Couture laptop bag, I still have things that I feel like I’ll just die without. ;142 Since it’s early in the year we can call this Christmas in July. ;28

Meta has released a new summer print series called, “Fairy Tale“. It’s freakin’ gorgeous. ;135 I can’t even– I want it so hard. The colors are striking and unusual (LOL OH U, META), but it has a heavily classic influced theme. Sweet classic, which seems to be coming into trend for Lolitas. This print is so versitale too, you can tone it down or put it on full blast with OTT. Butterflies, roses, and pearls seem to scream like the best accessories for this dress. Coord with a chiffon blouse and a straw boater. Dream coord? Dream coord. ;53 It’s way too perfect for summer and spring.

I also realize that as late as this bandwagon is, I really have come to admire Juicy Couture products. Especially their purses. A classmate of mine had one since she works in their outlet near my house and it was roomy, and cute. She had more stuff in there than I keep in my car! (books, wallet, keys, phone, papers of various kinds, ipod, etc) It was full of so much stuff, that I feel it’s a worth while investment. I can use it casually or for lolita since the colors are mute and easy to match.

Homan, this backpack is great! It’d be useful for school or international traveling  ;58 (I’m looking at you, Japan.)

This is what I am really lusting after though. It’s so cute and I can’t get over it. ;134

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a Juicy laptop bag. It’s adorable (though I am still waiting for it to arrive) This bag will be my first Juicy product and I can’t wait to experience this craze-inspiring brand myself. ;138 (AMIGIRLYYET?) ;152

For me, the appeal in Juicy is the classy well designed badges and the cute Scotty mascots they frequently feature. The color and the texture of their fabrics are also a huge factor for me. If it were any other velour/terry cloth bag, I’d over look it because it just doesn’t have that signature look. This is a case of brand vs. replicas and as we all know my opinion on the subject, sometimes it really can only be brand; Western or otherwise. ;114 ;39

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