Forever 21 get

I don’t typically buy heels, but when I do, they tend to be either very plain, or very awesome. Never really in between. ;144 Richard thought it would be nice if I had some heels that appealed more to an adult or mature look, so we shopped around and I ended up getting stuck between two pairs at Forever21. (Though I may go back and get the other pair later on)


The black ones are pretty hot, but for some reason I guess I couldn’t see myself wearing them. Though now I want them more than ever. I ended up buying the ones laying on the floor behind me. ;67

I don’t know how I will coord them yet, but I have a feeling they’re gonna be used often for going out. ;136

i.fairy crystal series and Princess Mimi series

My king blue lenses finally expired. We won’t be seeing those again any time soon. ;63 I’m gonna miss them. Though I might end up ordering them again in another color like green or violet. Speaking of violet, and grey, I ordere two new pairs of circle lenses (thanks to Richard) from PinkyParadise.

As you can see, they’re pretty vibrant even in the bottle! They look a little faded when you take them out and put them on your finger though. Don’t let that fool you. This series is brighter than expected.

Not to the point of looking fake though. It actually blends pretty nicely and has even garnered comments from customers while I wear them at work! ;38

They’re 15mm but don’t really seem that large. They do have a decent enlarging effect that is noticeable if you’re looking for that.

This was taken in a white light so you can see them clearly. As you can see, even on dark eyes they show up wonderfully. They’re also far more comfortable than my King Blue’s.

Close up of the contacts. You can see my iris a bit as an outline under the contact, but this isn’t noticeable from a typical social distance. (IE: Conversation)

;135 Princess Mimi (Tsubasa bambi series) series in Grey ;135

These really were what I was looking forward to in my order. (Even though I ended up loving the purple more.)

Princess Mimi/Bambi in Grey.

These lenses are amazing for casual days. They aren’t too vibrant but they’re not so dim that they aren’t noticeable. They’re also large and despite this, very comfortable. I haven’t reallyworn them out but I plan on using them for a Harry Potter meetup next month.

These are also 15mm. In grey, they’re amazing. My wifey, Christine, has them in green but they’re pretty disappoint in person. I was glad I made the choice for the greys.

Great for casual and ott days.Again, pretty darned comfortable.

Worth the purchase and will be looking forward to purchasing again from PinkyParadise.

Rose Toilette x Rilakkuma

Again with the freakin’ Round One? My wifey, Christine planned a meetup for Round One almost a month in advanced to see Richard and I, and Richard’s schedule was changed without notice. He wasn’t able to go. I still went, but man, she was pretty livid that he didn’t get to go. I was pissed too and even offered to make up his pay out of my own, but he went to work anyways. ;26 I had a great time with Lizzie, Kevin D, Stiffany, Devin, Kara, Kevin, Christine, Ashley and Lisa(?). I didn’t get to hang out with Ashley and Lisa much but they were nice to see and both were are beautiful as could be. I was mad jelly. ;159 ;142


Proof that this heavenly girl is human like the rest of us. ;164 ;166

We had the opportunity to run into Eki from Christine was just ecstatic and I’m so happy she was able to meet one of her idols. ;59

Photo of the rilakkuma I tried to win (and did ;86 ) for myself, as well as the Korila I won for Christine. I need to win one for Lizzie one of these days. I don’t want anyone to feel left out and I love Lizzie. She’s so cute and her coords always amaze me.

Not pictured is a stuffed Hello Kitty I helped a little boy and his Grandmother catch.

I gotta break this curse of three toys per visit. I WANT FOUR TOYS, DAMNIT. /greedy ;152 ;152

Rila wants the ice cream from the UFO ice cream catcher. ;115

Bowling! I didn’t get a good picture of Kara but she’s so sweet and cute! Stiffany is holding my win! (I need to win her one too. Omg ;57 )

I’m really starting to love my red Rose Toilette coord. Especially since I found the old waist ties (used to alter a previous colorway of the skirt) and made a sweater brooch/clip from it.

I have enough to make another rose toilette clip in red, and I think I may end up making a few of these to sell since I personally think they really tie together coords that use boleros or parkas. The rilakkuma is from a keychain that fell apart. He’s gonna go on this brooch permanently. (Though I think I may move him to the bigger bow since it seems a bit unbalanced to have him on that tiny bow)

Lomo of my make. Would you believe me if I said I wasn’t wearing circle lenses? Mine expired, and I ordered new ones too late to have them by the meet up. ;27 I felt a bit weird without them but it worked out just fine, I think.

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