Sewing Project completion

This past week, I spent two days sewing a dress together for the picnic coming up (which despite all my hard work, I may or may not wear). It turned out better than I expected it to. The only thing that didn’t come out is the pockets. I accidentally cut them too shallow so they won’t even hold change. I’m thinking about taking them out all together since I’m almost too lazy to cut and stitch new pockets. :mu?_pastel:

Many of you, I am sure, have already seen the photos of it on Facebook and Daily_Lolita, but this is just for the sake of posterity since many of you also do not use either one of those mediums. ::D/:

Don’t worry, I’m not really mad. Just a bit grumpy since my car window had to be fixed that day and the guy was being a buttmunch.

Ew, you can see that my eyelash glue was still setting cause I took this RIGHT after finishing my makeup. :arrow_down:

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Even my grandmother has said this to me. So, I’m two weeks into my resolution and so far, nothing has happened. Not even one pound has come off the scale. It’s depressing to say the least. :sad_pastels: This isn’t to say I am going to quit. No, I’m just going to have to work harder. Especially at my diet. I keep skipping my protein shakes and just eating like ham sandwiches or PB&Js for lunch instead. Clearly, this isn’t gonna help. :-_-sou_pastel:

Cut for wall of text. huzzah

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Coord dump #1

As per my resolution, I’m dumping coord photos!  :chihuahuaHEART: I’ll number them as I go along so that they’ll be easier to find and sort through.

This will be set one. A casual/classic coord. The pinkxrose print version is pretty set in stone. It’s pretty simple and flows easiest. The full casual tank/bolero combo looks nice together but is a little bit choppy. I guess it’d be ok for summer? Or I could look into a solid colored skirt or tulle fairy-kei style skirt. :~:


Don’t forget! Each one opens into a bigger picture if you click it! ;290

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