T minus 12 days

We are all officially on baby watch. We are fast approaching the due date and I’m still in a mix of anxiety and excitement.  Richard has been up and down, we suffered the tragic loss of his Dad two weeks ago and it has been a rollercoaster of bittersweet joy, seeing as how this was supposed to be his dad’s first grandchild. He’s getting on though and I’m really proud of him and admire him for his strength.

The rest of my time and life is mostly a process of naps and food.  I had to go on maternity leave early due to constant pre-term labor issues. Yet, here I am at nearly 39 weeks still waiting on Turkey to show up. 

Baby bump 36 weeks

At 36 and a half weeks, I finally popped a baby bump.

Comparatively, here I am at 34 and a half weeks.

Baby bump at 34 weeks

I was pretty miffed and felt jipped that I pretty much looked normal so late in the pregnancy. People had a hard time believing me when I told them I was like 8 months pregnant. 

Going home outfit

The outfit Richard picked out and surprised me with for baby to come home from the hospital in. LOL It’s loosely based on a 30pt stat roll where EXP costs more as you level up stats beyond 15.

Sushi box

Staying away from sushi has been extremely hard. However, I was told by my OB so long as what I am eating is not a large sea predator (shark, tuna, tilefish etc) and is eaten fewer than 3 times a month, I am pretty much in a safe zone.

Brophy Bros

Swear to god, I only crave fish like this when I am pregnant. Fish was from “On the Alley” up in Santa Barbara’s harbor.

805 Boba

After the harbor, I tried a boba place that had a “spice it up” option. Turns out they add chamoy and tajin to the drink. GOD. BLESS. 


We also got a new elotero in the neighborhood. (Finally…I am loathe to wonder what happened to the last guy)

Legit, my life has come down to counting days down and eating. LOL. I’m too tired to go out on adventures and it’s not a good idea for me to travel long distances at the moment. I shall resume as soon as Turkey is out and we’ve recovered from starting life together. 

Third Trimester Exhaustion

These days, I am beat–exhausted–over it.  I could go and go and go just two or three weeks ago, but now? It’s like I have to stop and sit every 30 minutes. I ended up switching my patient load to pediatrics only which isn’t so bad. I enjoy working with the children and since it’s in the home setting, I enjoy working with and teaching the families as well.  It’s a nice change of pace from being in schedule crazy facilities.

This was my bump three weeks ago! I’m 30 weeks + 4 days now. He’s getting so big now! My only trouble with it is that I have almost lost 15lbs during this pregnancy!  Even my OB finally brought it up since it keeps going down. At first he thought it was intentional, but it’s not. I eat, but when I do I can’t eat more than a few bites or my stomach hurts really badly. If I’m having a really good day where I can pack away a decent meal, I end up with morning sickness the next morning. I can’t really win here, unfortunately.  What matters most is that Bug is on track for length and weight himself. 

When I do have energy (especially, when I still had great energy), I pretty much allow myself to nest. Hardcore. I’ve pretty much re-arranged and recycled or tossed everything in the linen closets, the bedroom and my office which will be a shared semi-nursery for during the day.  Also, gardening. My patio is finally almost worthy of being an outdoor space. Not to mention all the veggies and strawberries


Patio lights that got strung around the darkest part of the yard. I will probably do the other side of the fence too, just for balance rather than function.



IMG_0569 copy


Pooty and Baron are extremely happy to be able to go outside now. They spend hours out there. Pooty likes to go out just to scream, peep at neighbor cats and get sprayed with water when I am watering the plants.


IMG_0580 copy

IMG_0582 copy



It’s still a bit of a work in progress. The dirt plot still needs to be shoveled some more to remove the contaminated top soil (Previous tenants and my roommates some how thought it was a trash can, ash tray, and beer pour out. )

Week 23

Today, I am 23 weeks along. For whatever reason, I was really tired this week. My migraines returned with a vengeance too. What’s funny, is that the OB asked me if I was experiencing any of my migraines due to my history of chronic migraines. I said no. I jinxed it I got blurry vision in my left eye that didn’t return for the better part of 45 minutes. I haven’t had a visual disturbance like that since the middle of nursing school.



I look as exhausted in this photo as I feel, for sure!  I’m really hoping to just relax this weekend Get some laundry done. Hopefully, I will be able to curb the insane urge to clean until next week because I’ve started nesting already but it’s physically draining. I’m also hoping the exhaustion is because he had a growth spurt. At the wellness check on Wednesday, he was measuring 25 weeks, not 23 weeks. 

 On the plus side, he is moving around like a jitter bug. During certain times, he can’t seem to sit still.  I love it!

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