Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did it a little oddly, though. Richard’s family wanted to go out Thanksgiving day so, we went to Coco’s and had dinner there. The next day, I cooked up my own. (We had a turkey laying around for a week, so I figured I may as well). :D

Yay, it’s cooking! …Actually, this guy took almost 6 hours to cook. :kick: But, he turned out super juicy and tender. In fact, his wings fell right off! ROFLMAO

Clearly though, he turned out delicious! Again, I made Apple Cider Vinegar turkey, but this time, I did a dry spice rub after marinading him.

I could barely finish 1/4th of my plate. hk_sweat I was so full, I felt like I was gonna explode.

To finish off, we had a pie that we picked up from Coco’s the day before; Pumpkin Harvest! It was delicious. It’s like a pumpkin mousse pie instead of the traditional pie so it was 10x more creamy! ;76

Yep, I got lazy but we got a new car?

Admittedly, I got lazy with Momoberi. But, boy, I had some seriously good reason.  hk_lovethought Richard and I had started looking for cars just to see what we could afford. Right now, we’re getting to the point where we cannot just have one car. He’s pulling extra weight going back to school and I will be as well in January. The problem is that when I need the car for school, he’d need it for work.  There was no getting around it despite my hesitation and anxiety about whether we were ready for that kind of financial commitment.  *backnforth*   We had a pretty tight budget, but we managed to find a really great car for a price we had a hard time believing. curly_up

Please click for larger size!

Please click for larger size.

We bought a Mercury: Mountaineer Premier. ;194

Let me tell you, compared to the other cars we looked at, this thing is a freakin’ rolling throne. I think I know why SUV drivers are such douchebags now. ROFLMAO These things make you feel like a rich-better-than-you-prick. This thing is clean, big with lots and lots of storage, plenty of room for any future passengers (*hintyhinthint*).

For as cheap as this car was, besides the stereo not having an AUX-in, it has everything on my wishlist for a car’s features. dancey_dancey

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No frills review of CosplayWigsusa

Ordered a wig from CosplayWigsUSA about 5 days or so ago and it finally came today. This is going to be a short and to the point review. Mostly bullet points so it should be easy to follow. Please excuse my lack of makeup, it’s hot, I’m not going out and I just plain old don’t give two hots right now. ROFLMAO

Packaging is clearly lacking as it was stuffed in an envelope, badly taped, maimed, probably taped again, secure tied and then despite all this, bashed and partially open.

I expect this from something out of country, not from Texas. :kick:

The base is pretty decent on its own. Completely wearable w/o the clips. Perfect for casual or gyaru.

Very soft and silky feeling without feeling too fake, however, the fibers seemingly pull out easily in one spot. Might have to watch this. ;288

(Easter egg: It has a skintop! hk_iunno It makes it a little more real looking up top than my Cyperous wigs which are just thickly covered by the fibers)

No real complaints about the clips. They hold well and the clip parts don’t show. They’re pretty full. Not necessarily “thick” but they’re not thin and flimsy either.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with this wig. The color is almost no different from my Cyperous wigs, it fits my fat American head with no adjustments, and it’s decently made for a cheap-o. ;142 Though, I AM a little skeptical about the overall life of the wig seeing as how I was pulling loose fibers right out of the net. And oh yeah, it didn’t come with a wig stand. I found that a bit odd. ;58

Would I buy from CosplaywigsUSA again? More than likely, but I also want to sample a halfxhalf wig from Mintymix.com next. pastel_star


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