Shopping ‘n stuff

;342 ?????Little Tokyo??????????????????????????????????????????????

Went to Little Tokyo today. It was fun. I haven’t been in a good mood lately. This cheered me up a bit, I think. oh_yeah?

?????? hk_giggle ?NomNom?????????????????????????????? pastel_star ???????????? ;194

Lookit! hk_giggle I saw the Nom Nom truck! We didn’t eat here, but it smelt so good! pastel_star I want to try this the next time I see them. (Btw, they competed in “The Great Food Truck Race” on The Food Network. IDK if they won.)

??????????????????????????? :teeheehee: ???????????????????????????sweetie?

I made Richard buy this for me. :teeheehee:  I wanted it to match the brown one I have. burst_heart   Thanks, sweetie

??????????????????????????????????????? ;367

We had dinner at The Curry House. It was really good, spicy too. I loved it. ;367

????????? omfg_urkidding

Wat? What is this?! omfg_urkidding (There was a weird looking brown thing [potato?] in my omurice. I didn’t eat it. I hid it in my ketchup sauce instead. ROFLMAO)

?????????????Caitlin???????.? dancey_dancey curly_up????????! ;16

Oh yeah, I picked this up from Caitlin last weekend. dancey_dancey curly_up Pretty, isn’t it! ;16

Lolita in Secret challenge; Lolita Pet Peeves!

  1. Obnoxiously loud lolitas at meets. Come on, guys. Stifle your voice. I realize you’re having fun, but there’s no need to get obnoxious. You’re not drunk. rila_dead
  2. Showing petticoats. I worry constantly mine are even when they aren’t, and I always stare at girls who have theirs showing. It’s underwear, ladies. Please treat it as such. ;39
  3. Lack of make up. Ladies, please, wear some make up. You don’t have to put on copious amounts, but you strive so hard to look “perfect”, please complete the image with a little tone evening foundation and mascara.
  4. OTKS and knee socks, I love these to death, but more than half  the time, they look gross on people. Knees aren’t attractive to me. They look bulky and mannish. (though you cant help but have them) ;58
  5. Cleaning my dresses/socks. I hate having to worry about each time I wash because what if that time, the print ran?! And don’t get me started on socks. I cannot get that slightly brown coloring off the bottoms no matter what I do to them! Even if I bleach! FUUUHHHHH. ;123
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