Memorial Day Weekend

My Memorial Day weekend was pretty much ok. It got off to a horrible start, though. ;276  If you hadn’t seen my twitter, I was in a car accident Friday afternoon. Some dumb bimbo wanted to make a left hand turn and as I was going straight through the intersection, she decided it was ok to turn. My Honda Civic is no more. ;166  I have never been more freaked out in my life. All I could do was scream and cry. It was horrible. The lady didn’t even get out of her car to see if I was ok or not! She hit me with a freakin’ $60k SUV and doesn’t see if the little girl in the tiny car is ok!? WTF KIND OF PERSON IS SHE?! ;98

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Baby the Stars Shine Bright + DSi!

It’s been a long two weeks since I last blogged. Had surgery, and then was just waiting on my stuff from BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. hk_:O I also bought a DSi XL and a whole bunch of games to ease the boredom of being bed-ridden. hk_giggle

Originally, I wanted a parasol just to complete my coords a bit more but as I planned my purchase, I realized more and more that I was going to need one anyway. During the summer, I tan. Horribly. I get at least two shades darker than I already am, and it takes most of the fall to go back to normal. ;364 This is depressing, as I hate being dark as it is. It suits lots of other lovely ladies, but I feel it does not suit me. Parasols are great protection against an unwanted tan and they’re occasionally waterproof so you can use them no matter what season it is.

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Quick break

As some of you may well know, my gallbladder (after 4.5 years of hell) finally became inflamed enough to rupture. I was in the middle of organizing to get my surgery scheduled because I couldn’t take the grief and more and it went ahead and jumped the gun. hk_:O  Most painful experience of my life but I’m home from the hospital. I’ve been asleep, mostly due to the painkillers, but I’m awake right now and so I thought I’d let you know that I won’t be posting anything for a little bit.  hk_excite2 I have to have help to get anywhere near the computer and I can only be here a bit before the screen makes me sick and my surgery sites get sore again. rila_dead  Don’t worry, I’m hoping to be back at work on Saturday and completely back to normal by Monday. I’m starting to be able to walk around some and I can eat solid foods now. hk_loveall

Love you all~  Bai bai til then. stitch_love

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