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MmmmmmmOMG stop fckin’ buyin’.  No. 


2015 Kat Von D holiday collection

This palette. Omg, this palette. This palette, omg. Pls.  I’m so in love with it. I had missed out on the Urban Decay Spectrum palette which was available for VIB/VIB Rouge members only while stock lasts. Well, I hesitated a bit too long and missed out. However, KVD released this at the same time and it has quite a few similar colours included in this palette, so all is not entirely lost!


As usual, our queen produced a very pigmented palette. These colours are arranged in this very attractive colour wheel.  Makes you feel a bit like an artisté.  All of the colours have a blue under tone to them so I am able to wear even the orange and yellow shades which makes me happy. I hate wasting colours, and warm shades with cool undertones are a must for me unfortunately. Which means occasionally, I’ll have pans/pots that go to waste in certain palettes.

ColourPop bubble pop

First off, let me say, I am happy to support local companies; but when I find out your shipping warehouse is up the street from me? You’re gonna have to just cash my checks and send me shit. Just keep it coming. 


This isn’t








Told you.

 (this photo gained 232 likes on Instagram, WTF)

To say that I am obsessed with ColourPop cosmetics is to understate how I feel about their products.

When I first encountered their products in a review video, I brushed it off and didn’t look into it. I made one small order and since I am so close to their shipping facility, it only took 1 day to ship/receive. That small order turned into 2 more out-of-control gigantic orders of nearly every color pot under the sun of their eyeshadows (approximately 58 in total), 6 ultra matte lippies, 4 lippie stix + matching lip pencils, 4 bronzers, 6 blushes and 1 highlighter.  My hand slipped, and it wouldn’t stop. 

The reason is, their products are cruelty free, they are made locally within my city (business office being in Santa Monica), and the formulas for the potted pigments are nothing I have ever seen before. They are similar to cream shadows, but at not cream? They have a color pay off that gives Urban Decay a run for its money.  A little goes a long way, and it builds up to fantastic bold looks with little effort.  I’m just so in love and I want to order more.

New Car

Holy crap, this month has brought on a fantastic slew of just….#$%^!. I can’t even describe it.  None of it is really bad, but it’s certainly game-changing for some things!


Acura MDX, 2011, polished metal, chrome finish and weeaboo trash that I didn’t bother waiting to put on. 

Uh, yeah. I bought my first brand new car. (Ok, well not 2016 new, but ssshhhiiiit, it was 99cents. [No it wasn’t] ) That’s Ma sitting in the car. She was my moral support since I did this all by my little lonesome. Even Richard wasn’t there to help me. And, to be fair, I am glad he wasn’t. This was a decision I had to conclude and follow-through on my own. He has his own opinions regarding things like this and it does nothing but confuse me. He was happy to just support me over the phone and answer any questions for me. 

This thing came fully loaded. For starters, this thing has a sun/moon roof. It also has dual climate control in front and 2nd row seats; butt-warmers; leather seats, a drop down TV screen w/ two sets of Panasonic surround sound earphones, 3rd row of seats, all rear seats fold down, Sat-Navigation, and a slew of other stuff that just…set it apart. It also has wood textured trim on the inside which gives it such a luxurious feel. Come to find out, brand spanking new, one of these can run $$$ but since this one is 4 years old w/ 1 owner, it wasn’t so $$$

The car’s name is Kiki (‘s delivery service). 

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