tl;dr I’m pregnant

So I literally disappeared for a few months. I know, I apologize, however, I had good reason: I’m pregnant I really didn’t want to say anything at first because I hadn’t told my Grandmother yet and wasn’t sure how to gauge her reaction. Her experience with babies and childbirth has never been good. So I just assumed not tell her.   Richard’s dad was told right away and he was excited as heck.

I was getting to be about 4 months along and I felt really guilty and lonely in my pregnancy so I started asking feeler questions. How did she know my mother was pregnant (with all 4 of us + the back stories) Well, all 4 times, she didn’t tell Grandma with 2 out of 4 babies just showing up at her door, I was a phone call on Grandma’s birthday (which is also my birthday) and the 1st kid was discovered while my mother was 7 months pregnant. My grandmother told me that my grandfather had asked late that night after finding out, “Why didn’t she tell us?” I could have died. I waited two more weeks until I was 18 weeks/19 weeks along and told her.

I was legit waiting for a bad reaction. She seemed like she wanted to be mad AT FIRST. Which is kinda what I expected anyway, but then she got really excited.  I was so caught off guard I got really confused and upset, but was still relieved.  I also had been asking hypothetical questions such as “Well, if I had a baby and just set it up for adoption and showed up w/ the papers, what would you do?” She got more honking mad at that question than my telling her I was pregnant. “I’d go find him/her and adopt them myself!! THAT’S MY FLESH AND BLOOD TOO, YOU KNOW” 

Original Announcement from November

Announcement photo from Instagram on 11/07/2015

Of course now, she is “in charge”.  She bought diapers with coupons she found, she bought a play-yard already. Lawd.  I’m not gonna fight it. She didn’t think she’d live to see great grandkids, so now she feels like top hen again. Which I am happy to oblige. 

To get everything back up to speed: I am 22 weeks pregnant, just past the half way point. I’m showing but I’m not as bumpy as some other women, which is a little disappointing, but hey! Whatever. I went on the 7th of March for my gender ultrasound, Ma went along as Richard has been promoted at work which created a schedule issue. Ma has never seen a modern ultrasound like that before so it was a great opportunity for her.

So that means…

We’re Team Blue.  Congrats to the winner of Dodger tickets. 

I thought it was a girl this whole time for some reason but here’s our ultra sound pics with his little dinky dang-er!!


The bright spot is his anus, directly to the left is a small teste sack and his itty bitty noodle

Estimated due date is in July. I cannot wait to meet him. I’m hoping he gets Richard’s green eyes.  Ah, that would just slay me.  I hope he already knows he is surrounded by people who are gonna smush him into their heart places. 

Lorac Mega Pro 2: First impressions

Lorac released their brand new, and ever popular Pro series palette. The Mega Pro 2 palette. The palette itself is not that much bigger than an Urban Decay palette, but there appears to be more color pans than the UD palettes. The colors themselves are all neutral shades. Lorac tends to produce highly pigmented neutrals, but they can easily be worked up into glamorous looks. 



The outside of the palette has such a weird, soft texture to it. It almost feels like it’s made out of pressed powders too. Spoiler: it’s not.


The inside of the palette. As you can see, there’s a huge variety of colors. The pots are a tad small, but space vs colors? That’s probably a personal preference, but since I like loads of colors and can never seem to finish a palette anyways, it’s not a bad thing. 


Swatching some of my favourites in the palette. Starting from the top, Goji, Gold Leaf, Purple, Tangerine and Blue Quartz.

As you can see, the colours are really buildable, and can even blend over a dark tattoo if you use two or three swipes. The formulas aren’t chalky, easy to manipulate and very easily blended. To say the least, I’ve got a really good feeling that this palette is going to become a go-tom for me. 

Living Mi Vida Loca

MmmmmmmOMG stop fckin’ buyin’.  No. 


2015 Kat Von D holiday collection

This palette. Omg, this palette. This palette, omg. Pls.  I’m so in love with it. I had missed out on the Urban Decay Spectrum palette which was available for VIB/VIB Rouge members only while stock lasts. Well, I hesitated a bit too long and missed out. However, KVD released this at the same time and it has quite a few similar colours included in this palette, so all is not entirely lost!


As usual, our queen produced a very pigmented palette. These colours are arranged in this very attractive colour wheel.  Makes you feel a bit like an artisté.  All of the colours have a blue under tone to them so I am able to wear even the orange and yellow shades which makes me happy. I hate wasting colours, and warm shades with cool undertones are a must for me unfortunately. Which means occasionally, I’ll have pans/pots that go to waste in certain palettes.

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