Qutieland + KidsYoYo review!

Technically, this a two in one review as I purchased through Qutieland’s shopping service, but actually bought from KidsYoYo. To start with, I have been looking for places that will do custom sizing, because, unfortunately, I have a larger bust than most Lolita.  ;57 Not a blessing, but not a curse either. Anyways, I ended up hearing about a service called Qutieland that shops from different TaoBao shops online. Namely in my case, KidsYoYo.  ;80

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delicate wash only!!

As per a request from you lovely ladies (Chibi) I’m writing to you about laundering your Lolita clothing. Don’t be scared, these things are totally washable, it’s just a matter of figuring out how and doing a little extra research to ensure the safety of your lovely garments! ;374 Let’s get started:

First, you’ll need to know if your clothes can be washed at all. We’ll give you a little list that you can check to see just if your favorite OP can be washed. (Master Launder Lister here!) Next, we’ll need to do a color-fastness test before putting your clothing anywhere NEAR water. Many brand items, especially those in reds, blues and sometimes blacks, will leak like horribly maintained faucets. This can be disastrous and should be carefully checked with the color fast test AND the master list. If you do not know the name of your print, photograph it and ask around.

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To brand or not to brand

That is the question

Brand name Lolita is coveted, beloved, and overall more attractive and, let’s say, authentic feeling.  All of the latest prints, styles and colors come out through brand-name Lolita designers. The only problem is: How do you come up with that kind of cash on time? This is a small, casual and semi-brief guide for Lolita who are new, just getting started or don’t know where to start! Seniors are welcome to give feedback or input as they see fit.  ;186

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