Motorola Droid for Verizon; Review

Last week, my twitter was abuzz with the excitement of getting my very first cellphone plan and a new cellphone. ;372 Although I hate the living daylights out of Verizon, they offer the best coverage for what I need and the best phone for what I want.

I had ordered the phone through the Verizon sign-up on Amazon. Got a great deal on the phone I wanted ($20 whopping bucks!) plus the plan. Not bad, IMO. I got my first bill today which, including my activation fee was only $133 for unlimited data pkg, 500 txts (unlimited within network) and 450 monthly minutes cause I don’t use more than 300 a month or so anyways. So, it’s actually more or less about 100$. A tad pricey, I guess, but CA loves sales tax tacked onto everything. ;58

Anywho, I’m sure you’re wondering what phone I picked (That is unless, you have been seeing the constant ;251 I’ve been giving it via twitter. ????). I picked the Motorola Droid. The largest competitor against the iPhone in almost every way.

The reason why I picked the Droid over the iPhone was not only is the phone unique to my area, it has more of the functions I want that the iPhone just doesn’t offer me. Like the option of a full physical QWERTY keyboard. Which eliminates the higher risk of loss of screen sensitivity that the iPhone users are going to experience as their phones ultimately age. If you want technical aspects of the phone, please visit King Richard’s website here. It details why the phone is technologically more advanced than the iPhone. My review is more based on user-experiences and how well it works for me! ;213

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Etsy Review: EGLolitaSFlorida

April has not been a good month for me at all. There’s quite a bit going on and it’s stressing me to the max. I won’t say what until later on in a private post; You’re welcome to ask for the password when the post turns up. So, to make myself feel a little better, I went snooping around on Etsy. If anyone remembers about two months ago, I had seen a lovely kitty scarf for sale which sold by time I got ready to buy it. ;154 I cried. For reals. Anywho, looking at this same shop, I noticed she had posted up several more and I bought two! (I have another on hold) hk_loveall

So here they are! (Pictures and full review after the jump)

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Bodyline Review!

Right now, I am doing some brand exploring with my lolita clothes. Staying away from true brand-name for now as I’d like to see what the indie companies have to offer me. I love brand name, but I fear buying due to my size restrictions. As one lolita in EGL said, “Suck it up and move on if you can’t fit brand. There are other places out there just as nice that can fit you [plus sized lolitas]“. :D This is encouraging!

First off, the shoes!

These are cute, lightweight and just all around wonderful shoes. Being skeptical, I was expecting them to be super cheap. There’s a few structural issues that I have but I’m going to invest in making them sturdier (I’ll explain in a bit). The color was not as true a blue as I thought they would be. They’re blue alright, but there’s this minty-ness about it.

overall- Love it. 5/5

Structure– The heel seems a bit unstable. Possible there is only one screw in the mid-heel. I’d like to have Pop’s dissect this and check. 3 screws or nails are required at minimum for max stability. 3.5/5

Soles– Eh, these I figured would be cheap. They wear weird and the heels are already feeling thin. Gonna put TOPY soles on theses in tan-leather brn to protect the current shit-sole from wearing a hole. 2/5

Style– hk_lovesite 5/5

Price – Perfecto! 5/5

Not gonna review this beyond that the shirt is nice and stiff. Good seams, lovely lace though a bit cheap. It does not fit my big fat breasts. ;23 Sad times, yo. Might resell. (Any offers? Will trade for a headband, socks or 20$ incl shipping.)

Absolutely gorgeous. I was expecting this dress to be short, cheap-looking and just all around iffy. It’s definitely bluer than I was expecting. It’s a bright sky blue as opposed to a soft baby blue. Luckily, it’s not tacky. They offset the blue with some hot-pinkish flowers. hk_dokidoki

I only have a few complaints about the dress.

  • It’s a bit tight in the arms
  • the collar is a bit TOO stiff I think. It flips up at the weirdest times.
  • The zipper seam was unfinished. I have to finish this myself. ;379
  • Could probably stand to be a tiny bit longer. 2-3″ inches but this is a personal preference. :D

Other than that, I am in love with it! ;359

Aaand, here’s the coords.

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