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These past few days, I have been sick. ;276 It’s been going on all week and I don’t have the heart to call in sick. So, today when I got a call to come into work, I nearly cried. It was supposed to be my weekend (since I get Thurs. and Fridays off) so I thought I could just stay in bed until I had class and get better. ;364

But, yesterday I did have something come that brightened my day, completely. I got  my package from the Little Bukowski on etsy. ;263 It was a teddy bear head purse! So cute and cuddly. ;372



Well, that’s all for now dollies. I’m going to wrap up tonight by taking a nice hot bath and relaxing into a book! ;206


Etsy review: Genny328; Never again

I got my last etsy package today. You think I’d be happy, right?
Over all: ;rate_zero

The good: ;378
The bad: As you all know I have been complaining about the shipping on this stupid thing for almost two weeks. ;98 The seller assures me she has sent it and says nothing more after that. No shipping confirmation, nothing. So then I have to msg her about that. I wait, and wait, and wait and she refused to offer me any solutions in the event that my package was lost, stolen and what have you. Just refused to help me at all and was a complete unprofessional seller on all levels. Then when this POS does arrive, I find out that it has been shipped twice (See the envelope pictures) meaning this didn’t even come from the seller to begin with! It was third party, and boy, can you tell it was.

This is what I see when I first saw the package but then as I opened it ;378

I see this! It’s been sent from TN to NJ. Meaning she had t have bought this from someone else and I received it third party. ;123

This is clearly unacceptable. If she had let me know about this in the first place, maybe then, I’d have known why it took so long. And then as I am trying to put the bracelet on for the first time, the charms start to fall off. ;295 I didn’t pay 17.50$ +shipping to “DIY” something that should have been DIY for me! I paid for something already made. ;326 So, I fix the charms so that they stay on and then not even 5 minutes later, I find out that the “Tokidoki Donutella” charm isn’t even. It freakin’ breaks off a the ear. ;255 It’s a hello kitty charm with deco frosting put on her to make her look like Donutella. It was completely self-fabricated which leads me to say that this is not a couture charm bracelet. It’s a faux pas. A big one.

In conclusion, I’m never, EVER shopping with Genny328 ever again for any reason and I wish I hadn’t been hasty with my feedback for her. I should have waited and left negative feedback. ;270

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