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I got more etsy packages today! ;260 Here’s what I thought of them!

Over all: ;rate_four

The good: (From: Michelle’s Charm World) This bracelet is as cute as a bug’s ear. The charms are just adorable. Except, one is a ???? which took me off guard a little bit but thankfully, it’s been glued so that the little take apart pieces don’t fall off. The lobster clasp is huge. I love giant clasps like that because it makes it easier on my hands to open. (My hands tend to get twitchy and achy when trying to open tiny clasps too much.)

The bad: The chain was a little misleading when I first looked at it but it fits just fine. It’s not tight.

Over all: ;rate_four

The good: (From: Pink Hello Kitty) The good is that, this re-ment piece is one I have coveted since I saw the set.  I had to have this as soon as I saw it despite knowing it was going to be obnoxiously large. ;80 I love it so much, I’m wearing it atm. ???? The chain is nice and long so it doesn’t weigh down on my neck and give me shoulder aches like some shorter necklaces do, so I can wear this to work without feeling like I’m wearing a brick around my neck. ;155

The bad: Could have used a slightly higher quality chain for the price (re-ment sets are only 6-7$ and I paid 26$ for this necklace) She also could have put maybe a couple of matchy colored beads (8 or so) up the chain to give it a little more zazz.

Over all: ;rate_five

The good: (From: Destination Design) by far, this necklace takes the whole cake and then some. ;186 The beads are perfect, the charm is perfect! I love it to freakin’ death! I really feel like I made a good choice buying this one and I am definitely going to buy from her again. ;32

The bad: I wish it had matching earrings. I have to go off and find a pair of Kiki & Lala earrings separately. ;319

Over all: ;rate_five

The good:  (From: Rairen) Nothing could be less wrong with this deco-compact mirror. It looks like something from Sailor Moon!! It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, the double mirrors have normal and magnify effects so I can do my eyeliner without straining to see wth I am doing.  ;100 I viewed a whole bunch of deco-compacts and out of all of them, this one made me jump  the gun and buy it right away. ;359

The bad: Bad? What bad? This thing is perfect! ;206

This week has been sort of hectic and stressful. We found out that thanks to some stupid asshole who decided it was ok to sleep on the job, have people come over on the job and not do rounds; Richie’s losing his job at the end of the month. He’s only had this position for three months! ;276 Everything was going so well, too. We were getting caught up on bills and it was going smoothly. It’ll still go smoothly, but only if Mark gives me my damn commission’s check at the end of this month. ;39 It’s so stressful. I’ve been looking for a second job and Richie’s already started looking for another. This is saddening. ;363

Yesterday, I got really bored at work and since it was a slow part of the day, I went ahead and chopped off about 1/2″ of my hair because the split ends that weren’t getting fixed by my new shampoo/conditioner were just sitting there and making my hair look scraggly. Now, it’s all ?????? ;194 ;76 Thinking about getting layers put in but then I’ll lose about 2-3″ more and I’m not really willing to give that up. Maybe by the fall, it’ll be long enough where I won’t mind as much. ;57

Also, I am STILL waiting on the last Etsy order from Genny328. As of right now, I can tell you that the review on the item might be ok, but I’m actually gonna post a seller’s review too because this is ridiculous. It’s been 10 days and everything else has already arrived, even an item (deco-mirror) from freaking Canada is already here! ;98 If it’s not here tomorrow, I’m just gonna go ahead and report a non-delivery to Etsy.

Etsy Review: Thelittlebukowski

Quick review for my 1st etsy purchase
I got my first etsy package in the mail yesterday! ;133 Surprise! I didn’t think I’d see it until next week!
Over all score: ;rate_five
The good: This clip is exactly how bunny clips should be made. ;215 Not that flat piece of felt crap most people slap together and call bunny clips. Or the little plastic gumball machine toy bunnies. Thelittlebukowski knows exactly what a lolita gyaru like me wants. 3D-style, plush, and obnoxiously large accessories. ;100 When I pulled this out of te package, I was even more pleased than just looking at it online! This thing is huge compared to what I thought it was going to be. He’s a slight blue color which will make him easy to match to most things. I am going to hopefully purchase another item from Thelittlebukowski. She’s reliant, fast shipping and offers super cute items!
The bad: She didn’t have another one for me to buy. ;327

Still waiting on quite a few more etsy orders. One of which was bought at the same time as my bunny clip (see previous etsy post) and has yet to be shipped. (This is from last Friday).  I am sooo not happy. It should have at least been mailed out by now! She’s being entirely slow, hasn’t confirmed my shipping after telling me that the item would be shipped  yesterday morning.  ;369 I understand people have busy lives, and this is not the issue; don’t make shipping promises if you can’t keep them. Give me a general time frame and leave it at that.  ;132

John Frieda: Root Awakening.

John Frieda: Root Awakening system

OVERALL SCORE: ;rate_four
You know how in the morning, after your shower, the first thing you notice as you go to dry and comb your hair is the horrible, horrible split ends?  For women like me who have thick, curly hair, split ends can just ruin the whole day for you. (of course, all you babes out there with different hair types can still testify to split ends being the end of all ends) ;348 And, if you’re anything like me, you hate to see your bathroom counter, your shower caddy and your cabinets just chock full of products that you’ve wasted $100’s of dollars  on( $$$ could have gone to that new pair of shoes) just rotting away because THEY DIDN’T WORK.
Well, it’s safe to say, you can trash ’em. It’s ok, no one’s watching. Go for it! ;131 Because I’d like to introduce you to a guy who hangs out in my shower caddy, and also on my counter top.; John Frieda.
The Good: This particular product doesn’t have as many harsh chemicals as some other brands of hair care (-cough pantene,suave, dove & tresemme cough-). It only has one or two harsh cleaners in it as opposed to the three or four you usually see listed on the rear of your bottles. (These are: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate and Sodium benzoate* ) * Sodium Benzoate is also a preservative so it has some redeeming qualities like removing bacteria, fungus and yeasts.

Secondly, the products come in a well-designed bottle that packages a very sweet smelling product. It says it’s made from Eucalyptus and if anything goes for Eucalyptus (other than that Koalas love the stuff), it stinks like cat piss when wet.  ;334 Gross. Not John Frieda though. It smells refreshingly minty and quite floral as opposed to leafy and catty. ;100

Another thing John Frieda does not have is SUPER HEAVY WAX SOLVENTS. Such as straight silicon oil or dimethicone variants which just coat the hair and make it look like it’s being healed and re-constructed. Instead it has something John Frieda has come up with that is a compound which therefore uses less plastic, rubber and latex type polymers and mixes it with something else so that it creates a more residue-free shine and smoother for your hair; it’s called Silicone Quaternium-18. (Of course, I’m not here to teach you chemistry. I failed chemistry.) ???????? ;308 No, in fact, it uses a lot of natural products like peppermint leaves, oil and eucalyptus leaf extracts. ;32

As I used the system (Shampoo, conditioner, and hair relax spray), I noticed right off the bat that my hair looked and felt better. I was having a lot of breakage due to recently dying my hair and that I straighten and doll-curl it almost every day.  I mean, my hair was just snapping like tiny little twigs all day. I was actually losing some of my length. ;243 Which is a bummer because I’m trying to grow it back out. I miss my long locks. ;264

Anyways, I’ve been using the product for just about a month now and there is absolutely no way I could deny that my hair is in better health. ;251 ;206  It’s shinier, longer, and most importantly of all, the breakage is coming to a halt and my split ends aren’t as apparent anymore. Which makes me a happy camper. ;80 ;56

The Bad: Unfortunately,I’m not really seeing any bad in this other than tat the hair relax spray sometimes gives me the impression that it’s just the extract oils and water just mixed together. ;58 It’s ok, it helps me comb my gnarly hair anyways. ;1

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